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Changing focus
Adversity can create the need for change.

Rental Center:
Iron is in their blood

Three generations of Kruegers have survived and thrived in the equipment business. Rental has played an important role in their success. 

Industry Outlook
The changing power scheme
Increasingly, manufacturers are looking at alternative power sources for equipment to reduce emissions and noise levels. Experts share their insights.

Product Focus
Hybrid/dual-fuel tools and equipment
Equipment and tool manufacturers are introducing models that reduce noise, reduce emissions and use dual or hybrid power sources. 

Product Focus:
Job site lighting
LED technology increases runtime and durability. 

Product Focus: Concrete tools and equipment
New models that help mix, lay and demolish concrete.

Service Tips:
DEF storage solutions

How to ensure clean, quality diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) delivery.

Rental Solutions:
Multi-fuel generators
Consider adding dual or hybrid power units to your rental fleet. 

Business Management:
Making the connection
Combine CRM and telematics and improve your rental operation.

Build your business:
10 ways to get new customers
Every business owner wants to attract new customers. Here are 10 time-tested ways to help you bring in new blood.

Business management:
Write a roadmap to customer satisfaction
Custom instructions and user manuals can guide renters to a positive user experience.

Rental solution (advertorial): 
Mi-T-M Equipment – Mighty Damn Good!
Mi-T-M is the perfect partner for the rental industry with a long list of durable equipment for every application.

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