Product Focus: Concrete tools and equipment

New models that help mix, lay and demolish concrete.

Tamping rammers  
Brave tamping rammers go where plate compactors can’t reach. Unlike compactors, tamping rammers use force over vibration to compact soil. Brave offers the BRPTR60H tamping rammer for smaller projects with looser soil that offers 10.7kN of impact force and a shoe size of 13.4 inches x 10.4 inches. The larger BRPTR68H tamping rammer delivers 12.8kN of impact force and has a 13.4-inch x 11.2-inch shoe size. Brave tamping rammers are perfect for compacting earth in awkward spaces such as trenches. Wheel kits are available.

Brave tamping rammers
Bobcat nitrogen-filled concrete hammers

Nitrogen breakers  
Bobcat Company offers a line of six new, powerful nitrogen breaker attachments covering all Bobcat compact equipment. They deliver powerful impact energy and are built to high quality standards with a simplified design that makes attachment maintenance easy. The new breakers have few internal parts, a single lower bushing and easily accessible grease ports that reduce the breaker’s maintenance requirements and makes rebuilds easier. The unique valve design of the breakers lessens hydraulic pressure fluctuation, which reduces stress on hydraulic pumps. An X-Change mounting frame allows the breakers to be used on a compact loader or a compact excavator. Nitrogen breaker tool capacity vary by model and include blunts, moils, chisels and nail points. An optional water nozzle kit for dust suppression is coming soon.

Dust collection system  
APT offers the new ADP10 dust collection system kit with a 21-foot suction hose, universal shroud connector, three dust collection bags and three bellows. This kit helps protect workers from exposure to crystalline silica on construction job sites. Using the Venturi principle, the ADP10 creates a vacuum using compressed air. Consuming 25 cfm per tool, the vacuum suction capacity of the system is more than four feet of water. The filter has the capacity of 99.58 percent filtration of exhaust air. A filter-cleaning mechanism enhances the filter life and a vacuum indicator notifies the operator of a clogged filter. At 55 pounds, it transports easily and sets up quickly. A trolley-mounted version is also available, which has the ability to store two working tools, such as a chisel or moil point and up to a 9-pound pneumatic tool.

APT dust collector
Cart-Away concrete plant

Portable concrete-loading system  
Ramp up your concrete sales and boost revenue from concrete support equipment rentals with the PortaBatch portable loading system from Cart-Away Concrete Systems. Concrete delivery systems are a proven business model for rental companies since the 1970s, and contractors are the biggest users of this type of service. With a simple push of a button, dispense one yard of concrete materials every two minutes. The self-contained power system and forklift pockets allow it to be moved at any time and go anywhere for batching. The PortaBatch is fully self-contained, with an 11,000-pound capacity cement silo, six-yard sand and gravel hopper, and a standard 31-horsepower gasoline engine.

Electric dual-head surface grinder  
General Equipment Company’s SG24/E surface grinder is powered by a totally enclosed, fan-cooled 2-horsepower electric motor, providing extra power for applications where a gasoline engine is not practical or prohibited. The unit features standard twin counter-rotating discs that can work a 24-inch x 12-inch area. The discs can be quickly removed to allow 10-inch diameter, multi-segmented dry diamond discs to be attached for increased productivity on polymer, concrete, epoxy, plastic overlays and critical flat floor installations. Other attachment systems are available for breaking up common deposits found on floors. The unit has a unitized, welded steel-plate frame, extra-capacity self-aligning ball-bearing units and a heavy-duty spur gear transmission. An adjustable full-width, tubular-operator handle maximizes operator leverage and control while minimizing fatigue.

General Equipment SG24/E surface grinder
Generac Mobile dust suppression unit

Mobile dust suppression system  
Generac Mobile’s new dust suppression systems nebulize the water, creating 5 to 150 micron diameter water particles that combines with dust particulate down to 80 microns and drags them to the ground. Traditional systems, like a water hose, produce water droplets of about 1000 microns in size, which only captures larger dust particles. Generac Mobile offers model options for jobs big and small. The DF7500 system can rotate 335 degrees, covering an area of 49,514 square feet. It has a maximum horizontal range of 131 feet and a vertical range of 52 feet. The unit has an electronic control panel with an optional remote control and comes skid-mounted, with a trailer optional. The DF2.2 portable system has a maximum horizontal range of 42 feet. All Generac Mobile dust suppression systems feature an electro-polished stainless-steel crown with nozzles and an electric engine-powered fan.

Drum cutters  
Kinshofer’s WS-Series drum cutters feature an exclusive pick angle and optimal chisel arrangement for high performance and minimal wear, making the attachments ideal for demolition, mining, tunneling and road construction. Drum cutters are a quieter alternative to hydraulic breakers, making them excellent for use in areas with noise restrictions. They also produce less vibration than breakers, so contractors can use them where there’s a risk of disturbing a nearby structure’s foundation. Kinshofer offers four chisel tips that attach to the wear pick: standard, heavy-duty, wear-protected and wood. Standard chisels are excellent for breaking asphalt, argillite and other soft to medium-hard rocks while the heavy-duty chisels power through medium-hard to very hard materials such as limestone and concrete. WS-Series drum cutters are available in seven models for 2- to 60-ton excavators. For added versatility, the attachment can be paired with Kinshofer’s NOX Tiltrotator, which enables 360-degree continuous rotation and multi-directional tilting up to 55 degrees.

Kinshofer’s WS-Series drum cutters
MBW Screedemon

Wet screed  
MBW’s Screedemon is one of the most innovative and ergonomically friendly wet screed on the market and also may be the easiest screed to assemble, MBW sources report. It has a 9/16-inch wrench attached to the back of the powerhead, making it even easier to attach boards. Clamp system makes assembly and disassembly fast and easy and a sealed exciter requires no maintenance. Hand/arm vibration is up to 90 percent less than the competition, MBW sources report.

Concrete saw  
MK Diamond Products’ MK-1800 concrete saw features an integrated water tank, option for propane and balanced weight over the blade shaft and wheels. The crank-assist depth adjustment is the first of its kind to reduce operator fatigue and improves the raising and lowering of the blade. It is designed for wet or dry, general-application sawing and can be outfitted with a Honda, Vanguard or Kohler engine. The heavy-duty frame is made from hot-rolled steel providing maximum durability and the reinforced box steel construction provides balanced weight distribution. The Micro-V20J belt provides maximum power transmission to the blade shaft. The maximum blade capacity is 18 inches that can make a 6 5/8-inch deep cut. The deluxe self-propelled model comes with a Li-ion-powered 36-volt DC brushless in-the-wheel motor that pushes the saw straight in the cut.

MK Diamond Products’ MK-1800 concrete saw
Makita 18-volt X2LXT36 brushless 1 1/8-inch AVT rotary hammer

Rotary hammer  
The Makita 18-volt X2LXT36 brushless 1 1/8-inch AVT rotary hammer delivers up to 140 ½-inch x 2 3/8-inch holes per charge when using two 18-volt LXT 5.0 amp-hour batteries. It’s equipped with Anti-Vibration Technology (AVT) to reduce vibration transfer to the user. The efficient brushless motor delivers a full 2.3 foot-pounds of impact energy, with 250 to 980 rpm and 0 to 5,000 bpm. The torque-limiting clutch prevents gear damage if the bit binds, and constant speed control maintains speed underload. Additional performance features include an electric brake, variable-speed dial, built-in LED light and a retractable tool hook. It offers dust extraction capability with the optional OSHA Table1-compliant on-board dust extractor attachment. It accepts SDS-Plus bits.

Electric wheelbarrow  
The Power Pusher E-750 electric wheelbarrow’s Slurry Tub and Concrete Funnel Cap attachments meet the unique application needs of the concrete industry. The poly Slurry Tub with powder-coated steel rim holds a true ¼ yard of liquid concrete or up to 12 cubic feet of dry material, minimizing material loss during transport. The Concrete Funnel Cap fits on the Slurry Tub and funnels the slurry into narrow spaces like post holes and other tight areas. The E-750 allows fast changeover to the Galvanized Steel Tub that is perfect for demolition and hauling. Both tubs have a weight capacity of 1,000 pounds, improving safety and efficiency by eliminating ergonomic challenges and production delays associated with manual wheelbarrows. The E-750 can move at speeds up to 4 mph faster than standard wheelbarrows. Its silent motor with zero emissions is suitable for indoor or outdoor use and fits through standard doors. The E-750 is available with multiple standard and custom quick-change attachments.

ower Pusher E-750 electric wheelbarrow’s Slurry Tub and Concrete Funnel Cap attachments
Carmixall-terrain mobile batching plants

All-terrain mobile batching plant  
Carmix offers five sizes of all-terrain mobile batching plants that can produce from 1.4 to 7.1 cubic yards, exactly selecting the desired mix design and concrete features. Each unit controls load/dosing, mixing, transporting and discharge. The Carmix units have four-wheel drive and steering and are powered by a Perkins diesel engine. They have a maximum speed of 15 mph that can climb up 30 percent grades fully loaded. They are fitted with Concrete-Mate and an in-cab computer that allows the operator to perfectly and easily manage the concrete mix.

Flex-shaft concrete vibrator
The Stinger from Minnich Manufacturing is a lightweight, durable and versatile flex-shaft concrete vibrator. The 14.5-pound double-insulated universal motor can drive the full line of Minnich vibrator shafts and heads from ¾ inches to 2½ inches. Available in a 15-amp 115-volt version, it offers a more compatible speed range of 10,000 to 13,000 vibrations per minute (vpm) to meet today’s concrete placement challenges. The unit comes standard with a quick-disconnect that adapts to the vibrator shafts and heads of many other manufacturers. A durable protective frame extends vibrator life with urethane end caps that absorb shock while supporting easy-to-grip handles. Its double-insulated motor runs safely when ground systems are compromised.

Stinger from Minnich Manufacturing concrete vibrator

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