Posted October 19, 2022

Product Focus – Attachments

Versatile equipment attachments from PowerPusher, APT, Digga, Ditch Witch, JLG, Mecalac, MBW, Vermeer, Buyers Products, Hulltip, John Deere, Werk-Brau and Kubota.

Tree and boulder dolly 
The PowerPusher E-750 Electric Wheelbarrow with a tree and boulder dolly attachment is the perfect partner for hauling trees, shrubs, rocks, boulders and more to and from job sites.

Whip hose for attachments
The APT Whip Hose Assembly is a central attachment is a single wire braided hose that increases internal strength and less operator fatigue on the job site.

Hole alignment system
Digga introduces the Halo vertical alignment system that uses a microprocessor and patented LED light system on auger and anchor unit drives to provide accurate drilling readings to +/- .25 degrees, even under heavy vibration.

Stand-on skid steer backhoe attachment
The Ditch Witch BH782 backhoe attachment is available with a standard mini attachment plate and is compatible with Ditch Witch’s fleet of mini stand-on skid steers starting with the SK800 through the SK1550.

Truss booms and lift hook attachments for telehandlers
JLG offers attachments that provide telehandler operators with increased reach and enhanced machine versatility.

Hydraulic thumb
Mecalac offers a new hydraulic thumb option for its recently re-configured two-piece boom with offset, available for 6MCR skid excavators and 7MWR wheeled excavator models.

Skid steer vibratory roller attachments
MBW, Inc. offers skid steer vibratory roller attachments that are one of the most innovative and cost-effective rollers on the market, sources report.

Trencher attachment
The Vermeer STR48 trencher attachment was developed to help contractors install phone, fiber, cable, gas, irrigation, water and sewer lines.

V-plow for ¾-ton pickup trucks
Buyers Products offers the SnowDogg VMXII snowplow has been structurally optimized to weigh less than 550 pounds, which allows the plow to be mounted on lighter trucks such as the Ford F-150, Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and RAM 1500 models.

Rotary brooms
Hilltip introduces its SweepAway rotary brooms for use on pickups, tractors and other equipment.

Mulchers and brush cutters for excavators
John Deere offers the ME36 and ME50 mulchers, and the RE40 and RE50 rotary brush cutters for excavators.

Excavator rake
The Werk-Brau compact excavator rake can be customized for debris sorting, brush clearing and root extraction.

Stump grinder
Versatility is the name of the game for the new Kubota SSG20 stump grinder that was introduced in 2022.

This article originally appeared in the November-December 2022 issue of Pro Contractor Rentals magazine. ©2022 Urbain Communications. All rights reserved.