Posted October 3, 2022

Hole alignment system

Digga introduces the Halo vertical alignment system that uses a microprocessor and  patented LED light system on auger and anchor unit drives to provide accurate drilling readings to +/- .25 degrees, even under heavy vibration.

The alignment system is built into the hood of the drive unit, providing 360 degrees of visibility to the operator from inside the machine cab any time of the day including in bright daylight.

Digga HALO hole alignment system

The light ring, sensor, and cable set easily connects to the in-cab cigarette lighter or can be powered by a magnetic battery packthat can attach to the machine’s boom or fed back to the cab with an extended cable.

The Halo alignment systems offer operators many great time and money saving advantages including:


  • Reduces guess work and do-overs because it ensures holes are drilled plumb, reducing the number of in-hole angle adjustments that can create an oversized hole. This in turn reduces the amount of concrete required to fill the hole. In-hole adjustments can also cause sideload on the auger bit and auger drive, potentially causing damage and expensive repairs.
  • Increased site safety because operators’ eyes can stay on the drive, eliminating the need for a spotter with spirit level.
  • More affordable alignment system than traditional more costly in-cab displays
  • Set the desired angle for drilling with a click of a button, allowing for consistency of drilling and peace of mind. Perfect for retaining walls and off-set piers designed at specific angles.

Digga USA will be releasing the Halo alignment system across the full range of Digga PD drives.