Posted December 26, 2018
PCR JF 19 cover

The following stories appeared in the January-February 2019 issue of Pro Contractor Rentals magazine.

Under new ownership
Urbain Communications, LLC takes the helm at Pro Contractor Rentals magazine.

Rental Center
Positioned for growth
How Capital City Equipment is positioning to continue its path to growth.

Industry Outlook
Compact wheel loaders
Industry experts share trends in today’s new compact wheel loader models.

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Product Focus
Featuring new models of…
Compact wheel loaders
Lift trucks
Computer software and services

Service Tips
10-point check to hydraulic system health
Hydraulic system maintenance is a critical component to ensure your equipment stays in top working order.

Build Your Business
The wait is over
Telematics is the new normal.

Business Management
Do you need to update your website?
An optimized web site can be a powerful tool.

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