Posted December 26, 2018

Under new ownership

Welcome to 2019 and to a new chapter in the life of Pro Contractor Rentals magazine!

Just as the leaves were beginning to turn this fall here in the publishing mecca of Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, the owners (and my employer) approached me with an interesting proposition: Would I be interested in taking over the ownership of this magazine and related electronic properties, and PCR Weekly e-news.

As a “seasoned professional,” I have been through several ups and downs in publishing endeavors that have served the agricultural, industrial and construction markets. That past experience led me into a rigorous thought process, but in the end, I had to say yes. In all honesty, I missed the entrepreneurial aspects of running my own business.

Fortunately, according to industry watchers, the equipment rental business has a very bright future and I look forward to be a part of it. 

Not that there aren’t challenges in today’s equipment rental sphere. Increasingly, electronic venues must be built to attract and even book customers. Ever-tightening equipment regulations on emissions and personal safety are making equipment more complicated. Renters face challenges hiring operators who are qualified to operate equipment, which increases the likelihood of equipment damage while it’s out on rent. The list goes on!

The niche for Pro Contractor Rentals is to help businesses that concentrate on construction/industrial equipment rentals navigate these challenges.

Pro Contractor Rentals is much more than a “what’s new in equipment” magazine. While that’s an important facet of the rental equation, there is so much more, ranging from financing, marketing, information technology and business management, that every manager must consider. I pledge to address those challenges to help you become the best rental center operation possible.

Looking forward to 2019 and more important, working with all of you!


Clair Urbain
Publisher, Editor
Urbain Communications, LLC