Posted December 26, 2018

Show Report: What's hot at The ARA Show

Exhibitors offer a sneak peek at what attendees will see on the trade show floor.

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The ARA Show is the American Rental Association’s annual convention and trade show for the equipment and event rental industry. It features construction/industrial equipment, general tool/light construction equipment and party/special event equipment. It will be held at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California from February 15-21, 2019.

Pro Contractor Rentals asked equipment and supplier companies what they plan on showcasing this year at The ARA  Show and we offer you a sneak peek at what will be featured.

We look forward to seeing you at the Rental Show! 

Front to back job costing
Job Costing, a new add-on feature for Alert EasyPro, has been developed in conjunction with input from our savviest and most profitable rental operators. Starting with simple facts about your operations, such as overhead rates, commission rates, travel and per diem, subrental and contractors, Alert EasyPro will create a complete picture of the profitability of your job. It will become readily apparent when the bid is created by a salesperson, and ready for approval by a manager, if the rental rates charged for the job will bring about a profit or a loss. This sophisticated new module includes a complete reporting system and an interactive graphical dashboard. Old jobs will be retained for reference to help bid out similar new jobs, ensuring the most profit. Job Costing fits every type of rental operation and enhances the analytical power of Alert EasyPro. It allows rental businesses to harness technology for everything from simple inventory tracking and accounts receivable, to telematics and job costing.     Booth 3221

Alert Easy Pro
Allmand Bros. Mari-Air 100 air compressor

Portable air compressor
Whatever the project or jobsite condition may be, the Allmand Maxi-Air 100 portable air compressor will maximize job site productivity. Its heavy-duty, over-sized rotary screw air end runs at lower speed for longer life and fuel efficiency. Easy to use and easy to start, the Maxi-Air 100 delivers 100 cfm free air delivery and is equipped with a Tier 4 final engine. It delivers powerful airflow in all climate conditions and is the worry-free way to keep job sites working.   Booth 6341

Mobile generator
Maximize the power of your jobsite with the Allmand Bros. Maxi-Power 65 mobile generator. This generator comes equipped with a heavy-duty, oversized alternator equipped for motor-starting needs. The Maxi-Power delivers 63 kVA prime power and is now equipped with a Tier 4 Final engine. With a frequency switch for flexibility of job site power needs, and 15-inch tires for longer wear and greater towing capabilities, this generator will last and deliver the power you need to get the job done.    Booth 6341

Allmand Maxi generator
Venieri backhoe loader

Compact excavating equipment
Applied Machinery Sales (AMS) is bringing VF-Venieri machines to the Unites States and Canada. VF-Venieri offers a versatile loader line-up that includes front loaders, backhoe loaders, articulated backhoe loaders and compact minis. One such solution is the VF1.33 rigid backhoe loader, which is a good fit for tight areas that need powerful performance. It has an 11-foot 10-inch x 4-foot 7-inch x 7-foot 4-inch footprint, a 52 horsepower Perkins engine, hydrostatic transmission, 4-wheel drive, front oscillating axle and parallel kinematics. The loader has a maximum breakout force of 11,680 pounds and a maximum static tipping load at full turn of 3,300 pounds. The VF1.33B backhoe comes with a standard bucket capacity of .5 cubic yards and has a maximum breakout force of 5,730 pounds and 9-foot digging depth.  The enclosed cab is air-cooled and heated and offers a 360-degree view. It comes with limited slip differential on the front and rear axles, front and real windshield wiper/washer, side rearview mirrors, work lights, intuitive dashboard and ergonomic seating.
www.  Booth 6889

World’s most compact track loader
ASV Holdings Inc. introduces the RT-25 Posi-Track compact track loader that offers an economical alternative for contractors, rental centers and homeowners working in tight spaces. Its size makes the loader the industry’s smallest sit-in CTL. Measuring just 48 inches wide, it can drive through tight spaces. The unit’s 3,755-pound operating weight further reduces risks of damage to turf or sensitive surfaces. A completely smooth turf track is  available to minimize  damage to manicured lawns and golf course greens. It can be transported on a trailer with a 1/2-ton pick-up truck or SUV. with a rated operating capacity of 665 pounds, tipping load of 1,900 pounds and an 8.4-foot lift height, a direct-drive pump drives the variable auxiliary hydraulic flow with up to 11.3-gpm pump capacity and 3,000 psi system pressure. The patented Posi-Track undercarriage offers maximum control, flotation, traction and pushing power in steep, wet, muddy and slippery conditionswith an industry-low ground pressure of 3.1 psi.    Booth 4465

ASV RT-25 track loader
Hybrid low level lift

Low-level scissor lifts
With Custom Equipment’s Hy-Brid HB-1430 low-level scissor lifts, contractors and maintenance technicians can complete nearly any project at working heights up to 20 feet. The HB-1430 lifts are heavy duty, safe and lightweight, with low wheel loads that allow users to maneuver them over delicate floors or on to green concrete sooner. They also provide an exceptional working area, with platforms that are 25 inches wide by 60 inches long and 30-inch slide out extensions for increased platform length. The lifts can accommodate two people at a time and hold up to 670 pounds, so users can place tools and materials like drywall and ductwork on the platform and reduce the number of trips up and down on a project. The extensions have a maximum capacity of 250 pounds. The HB-1430’s dual front wheels help distribute the machine’s weight and provide lower wheel loads. Counter-rotating wheels reduce friction so the unit can maneuver over tile or carpeting without marking or causing tears. Its hydraulic system is completely self-contained with only two connection points, reducing the potential for hydraulic fluid leaks.    Booth 4911

Low-profile vacuum excavator
The Charles Machine Works will feature the Ditch Witch HX30 vacuum excavator at the 2019 ARA Rental Show. The new HX30 features innovative and patent-pending designs for advanced performance and productivity on any mid-sized potholing, soft-excavation or cleanup project. The HX30 features a cyclonic three-stage filtration system, offering industry-leading filtration and maximum protection of key components. With advanced sound-reducing technology, the unit creates minimal disturbance in noise-sensitive areas. The low-profile design allows for easy navigation on any job site without compromising ground clearance. Tank options include a a 500- or 800-gallon debris tank and the unit is available in a light or heavy version. Also available are advanced optional boom designs to enhance ease of use. 
Booth 4501

Ditch Witch vacuum excavator
Doosan excavators

Rental-friendly excavators
Doosan Infracore North America, LLC, will display the DX85R-3 and DX140LC-5 excavators The DX85R-3 is the perfect rental machine for a contractor who needs a compact excavator but has a job that calls for a slightly heavier piece of equipment that can still be easily towed. The DX140LC-5 is a 14-ton, conventional tail swing excavator known for its trusted reliability.
The DX85R-3 comes standard with rubber tracks to minimize ground disturbance; the DX140LC-5 can be outfitted with rubber pads on its steel tracks, which can minimize damage to concrete or asphalt. They will also both be equipped with a hydraulic quick coupler, which allows operators to change the excavator attachments without leaving their seats.
The DX85R-3 offers best-in-class cycle times because its cylinders, are precisely sized to match pump capacities. The Doosan DX140LC-5 excavators are designed for long life with an extra-sturdy frame and reinforced superstructure. The conventional tail swing overhang on LC models givesthe operator strength and leverage for general construction and traditional excavating applications. The DX140LC-5 comes standard with permanently sealed and lubricated track links, and the workgroup bushings and hard-wear disks are designed for reliability as well as extended service intervals to increase uptime.   Booth 5301

GPS tracking solution
The portable AssetView Mini tracking system is the industry's smallest, battery-powered GPS tracking solution for wireless monitoring of any powered or unpowered asset to improve logistics, manage inventory and curb theft.  The unit installs in seconds, requires no external power and can last up to 2.5 years on "off the shelf" AAA batteries. Its proprietary Adaptive Tracking delivers long battery life while actively alerting on curfew violation, movement or geofence breach as well as allowing the user to switch to “Recovery Mode” over the air.  The AssetView Mini is waterproof and has no long-term contract so customers can deactivate and reactivate without penalty.   Booth 5240 

AssetView mini unit
Forever ODM Scissor-boom lift

Scissor boom lift line expands
Forever-ODM Inc. will launch 32/10 Scissor-Boom, the second model of its innovative Scissor-Boom family. With 500 pounds load capacity and a 32-foot platform height and 15-foot outreach (from center of front wheels), the 32/10 Scissor-Boom is a direct alternative to the 45-foot Z- or stick-boom in most industrial and municipal applications but its total ownership cost is less than half of these boom lifts. It enables the rent houses to buy in at scissor lift price but rent it out at a boom lift rate. Weighing just 7,150 pounds, the 32/10 Scissor-Boom can be transported on an equipment trailer and towed by the contractors themselves with a pickup truck, offering the great flexibility and convenience preferred by the contractors.    Booth 6477

LED light towers
FTG Equipment Solutions will introduce four LED light towers at the American Rental Association Show. The Trime EL600 LED hybrid light tower is powered by a battery and a one-cylinder Yanmar engine. It offers a 10-hour battery run time and a nine-hour recharge time. The Trime X-Battery LED light tower is an eco-friendly green line with 4 x 100W LED floodlights. It has a 36- or 72-hour run time option, 12-hour recharging time, a 230-volt single phase built-in battery charger. It has no carbon emission and 100 percent battery-powered. With one of the most compact footprints on the market, sources report that up to 20 units can fit on a truck. The Trime X-Box LED light tower features 4 x 300-watt 48-volt LED floodlights, a Kubota diesel engine, 350-hour run time and 58 gallon fuel capacity. Up to 20 units will fit on one per truck. The Trime X-City LED light tower features 4 x 300-watt LED floodlights, and a one-cylinder Yanmar engine that can provide up to 80 hours of run time. Up to 20 units can fit on a truck.    Booth 6401

DIFFUSE LED light tower

Diffuse LED light towers
Generac Mobile’s new diffuse LED light towerss provide even lighting for a variety of applications, including certain types of nighttime work, such as road maintenance that require lighting with minimal glare. The units produce soft, 360-degree lighting and have all of the benefits of LED technology, including instant on/off, fuel efficiency and no bulb changes. Generac LEDs have an average life expectancy of 10 years and the innovative and durable design of the tower stands up to the rigors of the rental yard and job site. The diffuse LEDs are available on Generac Mobile’s MLT6 and MLT4060 LED light towers; retrofit kits are also available.    Booth 4749

Battery-powered hand truck
Granite Industries offers the Transformer Cart the newest model in its electric-powered equipment line. The cart is designed from the ground up to maximize productivity and flexibility for rental stores and contractors. The base chassis features a robust electric drive system capable of moving up to 750 pounds. The long-lasting rechargeable battery pack can be charged by a standard 110-volt outlet and can be easily swapped with another battery pack.  The cart can transform from a simple hand truck to a multi mover to a fork hand truck. Attachments can be added or removed via a tool-free quick-release system. A hand truck footplate is standard; the 16-inch drive tires offer exceptional all-terrain performance while the rear swivel wheels offers a zero turn radius. It’s made in the USA and has a three-year limited warranty.   Booth 2901

Battery-powered hand truck
JLG Lift equipment

Wide variety of lift equipment
JLG will showcase its low-level access products, boom lifts, award-winning telehandlers and scissor lifts. The popular and eco-friendly EcoLift, along with the 340AJ boom lift, which was named a “Highest Retained Value” model by EquipmentWatch, will be on display. The R and ES Series scissor lifts will be on hand, in addition to the rugged 430LRT scissor lift that features enhanced stability on uneven surfaces and increased lift capacities. Among other popular JLG products, the show will feature the award-winning telehandler line, the ClearSky telematics solution and a JLG virtual reality training display.  Booth 5441

Portable compressor offers  from 85 to 205 psig
Kaeser Compressor’s new Mobilair M171 portable compressor delivers 405 to 600 cfm in variable pressures. With many rugged, durable features, it is ideal for heavy-duty civil and commercial construction, demolition, sand blasting and other site work applications. The M171 comes standard with the Sigma Control Mobil controller that provides variable pressure ranges between 85 and 205 psig to power breakers, cable blowing and even high-pressure applications. The controller also prevents improper shut-down, ensures machine-friendly start/stop operation and provides alerts for upcoming maintenance. The M171 includes an easy-to-read but well-protected control panel and a large-neck fuel tank with overflow protection. The heavy-duty steel chassis, galvanized steel canopy and solid-steel flooring protect the Deutz diesel engine, Sigma Profile air end and motor. The high capacity, cold-start battery ensure reliable operation even under extreme weather conditions and its excellent cooling system allows the unit to operate in temperatures up to 122F.     Booth 5621

Kaeser M171 compressor
Kubota engine for light towers

LED light tower engine
The Kubota Z482-E4BG engine is Tier 4-certified and Stage V-ready. It is the only engine in its size class to perform at 1800 rpm, delivering 3.8 kW of continuous output and 4.2 kW of stand-by output providing consistent performance with low maintenance – even with the lighter power draw of LED lighting. The Z482-E4BG is a water-cooled engine that provides best-in-class durability, Kubota sources report. It provides frequency regulation within one percent throughout its entire power range with no droop. Weighing just 172 pounds, the Z482-E4BG rides easily on any trailer, but remains a powerful engine for any LED light tower.     Booth 5221

Little Beaver's Kwik-Trench mini-trencher is offered in two models, the KT 200B and KT 2400B, and can trench up to 30 feet per minute. A compact design paired with durable construction and components allows the Kwik-Trench to tackle a multitude of projects, including landscape edging, root pruning, as well as installations of plumbing and drainage lines, low-voltage wiring, silt fences and sprinkler systems. Featuring carbide-tipped teeth and a powerful drive system, the mini-trencher cuts through tough surfaces such as compacted clay, road fill, asphalt and tree roots up to 10 inches thick. Both models have a triple V-belt drive system that achieves rotation speed up to 800 rpm. In addition to producing clean, precise results, the Kwik-Trench is designed to minimize backfill and cleanup time by depositing soil beside the trench. Powered by a 5.5-horsepower Honda engine, the KT 200B can cut trenches up to 8 inches deep and from 1 to 3 inches wide. The KT 2400B is powered by an 8-horsepower Honda engine and can trench up to 12 inches deep from 1 to 4 inches wide.      Booth 3401

Little Beaver Kwik-Trench trenchers
scissor lift covers

Trailer equipment covers
Protect your equipment fleet with No Ramp Trailer’s line of heavy-duty equipment covers. Designed for easy on-easy off application, these covers protect equipment from snow, salt, rain, sunshine, bird droppings and construction dust. Covers come with full-length vertical zippers for quick installation and removal. Extend the life of your scissor lifts, forklifts and other rental equipment as well as reducing clean up time upon returns.   Booth 5889

Electric wheelbarrow quick-change system
The E-750 Electric Wheelbarrow from Nu-Star’ Power Pusher line safely and easily transports loads weighing up to 1,000 pounds fast.With its new quick-change system E-750 Electric Wheelbarrow can be adapted to make it the right machine for the job every time for every customer. It can be outfitted with a galvanized steel tub, heavy-duty poly tub, slurry tub with concrete funnel cap, flatbed in short or long sizes, ball hitch to tow trailers and more, transport bed for large, bulky items, tree boulder dolly or custom attachments. The E-750 can moves at speeds reaching 4 miles per hour, faster than standard wheelbarrows. A push-button powered-dump minimizes stress and strain and its silent motor with zero emissions is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. It can fit through standard doors.     Booth 4396

E-750 electric wheelbarrow
Schiller GC Lawn vacuum

Professional vacuum
Little Wonder’s ProVac SI professional debris vacuum features serrated steel impeller blade technology, a compact footprint and superior suction and shredding capabilities. With a 40-gallon bag capacity and ergonomic, foam-gripped handles that angle upward to match the hand’s natural position to reduce user fatigue. At just 28 inches wide at its widest point, the ProVac SI can fit through most any gate and work in small spaces. Its throated nozzle design increases airspeed for improved vacuum capability while a unique rectangular discharge chute prevents clogging. Bag capacity is optimized by a 12-inch, ¼-inch-thick steel impeller featuring five serrated blades that can easily handle all sorts of debris including leaves, litter, cans, bottles and more.    Booth 3147

Trash pump
Tsurumi Pump adds the HSE2.4S to its HS series line. As with all HS series pumps, the HSE2.4S features a built-in shaft-mounted agitator that suspends solids and a  urethane semi-vortex impeller for maximum durability and pump performance. It has a dual mechanical seal with SiC faces for long life and includes a patented oil lifter that provides seal face lubrication. The V-ring seal design protects the mechanical seal from abrasive and damaging particles. It is built for automatic operation and features an automatic water sensor that will start the pump operation even when foreign materials are present. When the water level falls below the sensor, the pump continues to run for one minute then shuts off automatically.    Booth 4313

Tsurumi HSE pump
Vermeer stand up track loader

Mini skid steer
The Vermeer S925TX mini skid steer delivers an impressive lifting performance and the power to conquer demanding jobs. With a tip capacity of 2,643 pounds, a rated operating capacity of 925 pounds and maximum hinge pin height reach of 84.5 inches, the radial lift path of the Vermeer S925TX makes easy work of lifting and dumping heavy loads. It also features a dual auxiliary system which allows the operator to switch between high flow for ground-engaging attachments and low flow for maximum control.   Booth 6521

Mini excavator
Volvo Construction Equipment is adding to its E-Series compact excavators in North America with the launch of the ECR18E. This ultra-short-swing excavator is an entirely new addition to the Volvo line-up. This compact excavator features a rear overhang of only 0.5 inches when the tracks are fully extended. Designed for low cost of ownership, the ECR18E covers the needs of all applications, however new key features will definitely appeal to rental businesses and landscape contractors. These include a top-mounted boom cylinder for protection during loading and braking; large tie-down points on upper frame for easy, safe transport; electric ISO/SAE pattern changer; and a purpose-built canopy with heavy-duty pillars.  Booth 6563

Volvo ECR excavators
Western Global Transcube fuel storage

Portable fuel tank
Western Global offers the TransCube, a transportable, double-walled fuel tank designed specifically for auxiliary fuel supply and efficient on-site refueling. The cube-shaped tanks feature 110-percent fluid containment and meets global transportation standards to provide safe fuel transport anywhere it’s needed. The tanks have feed and return ports to fuel as many as three pieces of equipment simultaneously. A lockable equipment cabinet secures equipment ports and pumps to prevent unauthorized access and deter theft. The tank’s shape and design allow users to easily transport them on truck beds and trailers as well as in standard shipping containers. The TransCube can be stacked up to three-high when empty and two-high when full. The tanks have four-way forklift pockets and reinforced corner brackets for lifting with a crane. The TransCube is available in capacities ranging from 132 to 1,242 gallons    Booth 5224

12,000-pound capacity telehandler
Expanding its X-Series product lineup, Pettibone will debut a new 12,000-pound-capacity Traverse telehandler to the rental industry at booth #6765 during The ARA Show, February 17-19, 2019, in Anaheim, California. The machine is one of two Traverse telehandlers being added to the Pettibone X-Series line. Each unit is powered by a 117-horsepower Cummins diesel engine and offers a maximum lift capacity of 12,000 pounds, along with increased reach capabilities to meet the demands of today’s jobsites. The Pettibone Traverse remains the only new telehandler on the market with an extendable, traversing boom that moves loads by traveling horizontally. Up to 70 inches of horizontal boom transfer allows rental customers to land loads very near the specified lift height, and without having to coordinate multiple boom functions.   Booth 6765

Pettibone 12,000 pound telehandler
ARDCO dump bed option

AMT dump bed for multi-purpose truck
ARDCO has introduced the AMT Dump Bed for the Articulating Multi-Purpose Truck (AMT). The AMT 400 dump bed provides a payload of 20,000 pounds and standard dump capacity of 8 cubic yards. Side boards can be added to increase capacity to 12.5 cubic yards when handling low-density material. It offers a 70-degree dump angle at full dump height, with an efficient raise time of 12.5 seconds and lower time of 13.2 seconds. For optimal machine versatility, the bed can be added or removed from the modular AMT platform when needing to change the back-end attachment for different jobsite tasks.     Booth 6765

New heater series
L.B. White introduces the direct-fired Boss heater series that can push big heat into large, wide-open job sites and warehouses with high cfm and 99 percent fuel efficiency. Using the fuel best suited to the job is fast and easy with its Quickswitch Dual Fuel system. Built-in features like a volt meter, diagnostic light and thermometer streamlines set-up and helps operators keep running optimally as the job site changes. Vent mode provides the option of moving air only. With heavy-duty handles and no flat wheels these units have true portability and they stack on-end or two-high for efficient storage. Certified to ASNI standards for use in the US and Canada.  The Boss 400 DF produces 400,000 BTU/hour and 2,500 cfm; the Boss 1000 DF puts out 1,000,000 BTU/hour and 5,000 cfm.    Booths 3200 and 3459

LB White Boss heaters

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