Posted December 26, 2018

Product Focus: Computer software and services

Check out what's now available in a wide variety of electronic offerings.

Job costing module
Job Costing, a new add-on feature for Alert EasyPro, starts with simple facts about overhead rates, commission rates, travel and per diem, subrental and contractors. Then, Alert EasyPro will create a picture of job profitability. When the bid is created by a salesperson and ready for approval, it will show if the rental rates charged will bring a profit or a loss. It includes a complete reporting system and an interactive graphical dashboard; old jobs are retained to competitively bid similar new jobs. Job Costing is appropriate for every type of rental operation and further enhances the analytical power of Alert EasyPro.

Job Costing software
RentalLogic software

Rental management software
Texada Software launched RentalLogic, a SaaS software application that empowers rental companies to easily manage and scale their businesses. RentalLogic is designed to manage contracts and inventory availability, generate invoices, complete rental returns and streamline other critical rental functions that increase productivity. The software application is cloud-based to ensure that customers get automatic updates and that all data is encrypted and backed up securely. The simplified rental management software offers an intuitive user interface, making it easy for any company to roll out and use the software.

GPS tracking solution
DPL Telematics launches its AssetView Tracking System, an affordable, self-contained GPS tracking solution that installs in seconds, requires no external power and can last up to 3.5 years on AA batteries. It offers wireless monitoring and remote tracking of any powered or unpowered asset to improve logistics, manage inventory and curb theft. It is IP 67-rated and its UV-stabilized design is built for harsh environments. The unit uses dual GPS and GLONASS positioning for faster, more accurate locating. Global cellular coverage can track assets across borders. The unit can be activated/deactivate anytime without penalty.

Asset View

BIM-compatible product library
JLG Industries, Inc. has launched a BIM library on its web site to assist engineers and building planners select the best size and configuration of equipment for a building project. JLG BIM models help design-build contractors and architects anticipate job site challenges they may face before breaking ground, allowing them to manage risk on the front end of project planning for greater efficiency once the project begins. JLG will have all models of all products available, including regional standards such as ANSI and CE, offering ISO-compliant 3D BIM.rfa and .ifc file formats. Rental companies will be able to identify the equipment needed at a job site and plan for its transport and delivery at the right time.

Never pay for an ERP upgrade again 
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central has replaced Dynamics NAV and offers the best options for installing the software on in-house servers, on the cloud (SaaS), or in a hybrid model. Business Central SaaS offers free upgrades twice a year with access to all of Microsoft’s new cloud and mobile technology including Power BI, Power Apps, and Flow offering unlimited potential for reporting, data analysis, mobility, and powerful work flows. Twice-yearly upgrades mean that your ERP system is never out of date and you never need to suffer through a major, disruptive upgrade again. Business Central includes an integrated system for rentals, service, financials, inventory, job cost and manufacturing.

Free Upgrade

Mobile app 
InTempo and Rental BI to bring you a powerful app designed to empower ownership, management, sales and service teams. Stay up to speed with your business and make data-driven decisions in an instant. View dashboards on equipment status and overall and by-category utilization, A/R aging and more. The app keeps equipment rates and availability accessible and allows users to plan based on upcoming reservations, contracts and pickups. Users can call customers or get directions with one click and the equipment condition reporting can reduce damage disputes. It also connects with telematics to view a map of equipment location.

Put your rental inventory online
Market Line Computers offers its Total Rental for Windows module that gets rental inventory on the web fast and easily. Set it up once and Total Rental Web does the rest. It automatically posts descriptions, rates, availability and photos daily; allows browsing by category and places items in a cart. Customers can choose dates and post notes; inquiries are emailed directly for fast and easy handling. System also doubles as an automated internet backup system.

Free upgrade

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