Posted April 21, 2022

Product Focus – Mini excavators

New models from Case, Caterpillar, Cratos, JCB, John Deere, Kubota, Luigong, Volvo and Yanmar.

Electric mini excavator
Case expands its mini excavator lineup with the battery electric CX15 EV.

Next-generation mini excavators
Cat 304 and 305 CR mini hydraulic excavators deliver more power and performance with lower operating costs.

Electric mini excavator
Cratos Equipment offers the all-new CMX18 electric mini excavator.

3.5-ton model
JCB offers the 35Z-1 3.5-ton zero tail-swing compact excavator to its Next Generation equipment line-up.

Two new mini excavators
Kubota adds the K008-5 and U10-5 mini excavators in 2022.

1.8 metric ton mini-excavator
LiuGong North America has launched the first of its new F-series, the 9018F 1.8 metric ton mini-class excavator.

Electric mini excavator
The electric Volvo ECR25 excavator has significantly lower noise levels, reduced energy costs, improved efficiency and fewer maintenance requirements compared with conventional counterparts.

Prototype electric mini excavator
Yanmar CE unveils the SV17e, its first electric mini excavator prototype.

Mid-size mini excavator
The John Deere 30G mini excavator can handle a wide range of underground, building, landscaping and site-development tasks.


This article originally appeared in the May-June 2022 issue of Pro Contractor Rentals magazine.  ©Urbain Communications LLC. All rights reserved.