Posted March 22, 2022

1.8 metric ton mini-excavator

LiuGong North America has launched the first of its new F-series, the 9018F 1.8 metric ton mini-class excavator.

It has been designed to meet or exceed North American market design specifications, and to be a perfect fit for the rental industry and smaller job applications.

LiuGong 9018F mini excavator
LiuGong North America has launched the first of its new F-series, the 9018F 1.8 metric ton mini-class excavator.

The 9018F represents the smallest of the powerfully efficient line of LiuGong F-Series excavator models. Its compact dimensions, foldable dozer blade and retractable undercarriage make it ideal for working in tight spaces and provide flexibility for multiple applications. The company expects the 9018F to be especially useful in the utility and landscape markets.

The unit is available with a FOPS-rated closed and pressurized cab, featuring heater and window defroster as well as a TOPS-rated canopy design. The closed cab 9018F version stands just 7 feet 7 inches tall, resulting in a lower height that all but eliminates headspace concerns while traveling in restricted spaces or while being transported.

The 9018F’s short stature combined with a retractable undercarriage give its access to the most restrictive workspaces. Its 51-inch outside tread to outside tread measurement retracts to 39 inches, allowing it to pass between onsite obstructions and through almost any bay door.

Application versatility
The9018F is a powerful, robust base unit for a variety of attachments and supports the installation of consumer-requested aftermarket add-ons. Back-filling or dozer operation no longer require the operator to remove his or her hand from blade control to change travel speed. By simply pressing the top of the handle, an operator can now select high- or low-speed travel.

Standard 9018F features include a low-speed, high-torque, Tier 4 Final Yanmar engine rated at 18.0 gross horsepower as well as auto-idle and auto shutdown.

Better fuel consumption is achieved through a more efficient hydraulic system using 15 to 20 percent less engine power than its predecessor. An improved load-sensitive hydraulic system with 14.5 gpm main pump displacement has a proportional control valve for better management of flow distribution for all attachments, all of which allow the user more precise operation.

Flow rate for the hammer-shear and hydraulic thumb is set right from the operator’s monitor. A LiuGong hydraulic thumb/bucket grabber comes standard with the unit.

Travel pedals and joysticks give an operator hydraulic control for machine functions: travel, boom swing, arm and bucket. Auxiliary hydraulic functions are controlled by electrical, proportional solenoids for precise control.

9018F specifications (cab)

  • Operating weight (with cab): 4,189 pounds
  • T4F Yanmar engine: 18.0 horsepower (gross)
  • Max pump flow rate: 14.5 gpm
  • Max pressure: 3,046 psi
  • Standard bucket capacity: 0.06 cubic yard
  • Bucket/cutting width: 19.7 inches
  • Bucket breakout force: 3,597 foot-pounds
  • Arms stick force: 2023 foot-pounds
  • Digging depth: 7 feet 5 inches
  • Swing speed: 9.5 rpm
  • Arm length: 3 feet 5 inches
  • Maximum dump height: 7 feet 7 inches (digging height 11 feet 1 inch)