Posted September 20, 2022

Mobile communications towers now tracked

Safety Systems Management (SSM) is using YARDZ to keep track of its inventory of mobile communications towers (MCTs), which the company rents and sells.

MCTs, the brainchild of company president Cory Sherman, are wireless communications devices, created to alert personnel at construction sites, colleges, hospitals and other locations in case of emergency.  

These towers are intended to fill a much-needed gap in safety for sites that do not have the existing safety infrastructure in place, such as early construction sites, road/bridge work or older buildings lacking traditional mass notification infrastructure.

In addition to being cost effective through reducing wired infrastructure, MCTs allow for faster evacuation times; quicker notification of emergency services; correct information broadcast out during an emergency; and an increase in overall communications on-premises.

Though he has access to the platform’s full range of functions, Sherman is relying heavily on the GPS/Telematics capability of YARDZ to manage his full inventory of MCTs. Whether rented or owned, the platform will keep track of each MCT’s location providing visibility for customers to their assets, as well as information such as due date, rental contract length and more. What’s more, whether a tower is purchased or rented, YARDZ will assist SSM in understanding its deployed and available inventory in the system in real time.

“We rented out 16 of our devices to a mixed-use commercial and multi-family site for a full year in Savannah,Georgia,” he says. “I not only knew the status of the entire order, but I also knew the exact location of each unit within the site. There was no way they were going to get lost or misplaced.”

Sherman’s customers will have access to the SSM portal powered by YARDZ, which is feature-rich and provides the same functionality you would find of industry-leading rental companies with modern interfaces and ease of use. When a tower is purchased, customers also have the option of outfitting it with a GPS tracker that will allow them to log into their own accounts to keep tabs on its whereabouts – which can be easily accessed through SSM’s YARDZ portal. 

Using YARDZ was an easy choice for Sherman, given his familiarity with the platform. “We used YARDZ extensively in my previous job, and we loved it,” he says. “I saw all the functionality it offered, so when I created SSM, I knew that it would be a great tool, especially the GPS/telematics aspect. The YARDZ program is incredibly easy to use,” adds Sherman. “Should a problem arise - even a minor one - their support is fantastic.”  

“We are truly excited to be chosen as the go-to platform for such a revolutionary technology as SSM, one that not only provides efficiency and cost savings on site but can ultimately help save lives,” says Jason Perez, CEO of YARDZ.