New  skid steer loader model 

New Holland introduces the L234 skid steer loader model that replaces the L230 model.

One size up in weight class, the L234 is the most powerful skid steer loader in the New Holland line-up, sources report. It provides superior visibility and stability with even more power and performance for the most difficult jobsite challenges.

With its 90-hp. engine, the new L234 will feature increased rated operating capacity (ROC)  at 3,400 pounds at 50 percent tipping load. The 6,918 lbs. loader lift-cylinder breakout force and 38 gpm Hi-Flow with 3,450 psi will be best-in-class. O-ring face-sealed (ORFS) hydraulic ports are designed to handle higher pressures. Patented Super Boom technology delivers maximum reach at full height. New, comfortable, composite and vinyl seat choices are available and new seats and gray wheels.

Engine emissions and serviceability
The New Holland L234 uses the reliable FPT F5B engine with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology for Tier 4 Final certification. With the radiator facing rearward, it is easy to clean. Filters, and reservoirs and battery jump posts are easily accessible for easy service.

Cab comfort and safety
The improved cab is a comfortable and stress-reducing environment in which operators can spend long days on the job. The controls and electronics are all ergonomically placed and comfortable to use. An available upgrade, New Holland’s demo door, features a half-inch-thick shatter-proof polycarbonate front door. With the IntelliPanel mounted on the “A” post, the operator can reference critical machine information during operation. A new safety lap bar will be an available as a factory-installed option on all models manufactured after October 2016.

As with all New Holland Skid Steer Loaders, the L234 has unmatched rear visibility thanks to the Super Boom design, sources report. There are no rear towers blocking visibility at angled views to the rear. The crossbar is located low and out of the way of rear visibility.

Glide Ride, and high-low speed range are all located on the hand controls.

Stability/center of gravity
The L234 skid steer loader is superior to all others in the area of stability, sources report, with its long wheelbase, low center of gravity, and weight distribution across the wheels. The lift cylinders push off the front of the frame, allowing more bucket cutting down-force and better load-carrying stability. This also allows for better lift leverage and more accurate vertical lift.

Boom Stop protects pivot pin
Additional improvements to this and other New Holland skid steer loaders is a newly-designed heavy-duty, composite “hockey puck” boom stop. These prevent steel-on-steel contact and wear during digging, carrying, and other operations. The boom stop can be changed for different carrying heights.

When lowering the bucket and pushing into a pile, the boom will carry the load back into the boom stops, which allow the main frame to absorb the force. New Holland places these boom stops low so the force goes directly into the frame. Their location is crucial to the life of the boom pivot pins at the rear of the boom.

Under-cab access
The L234 and all New Holland skid steers feature unique cabs that flip forward, allowing for easier access for cleaning and maintenance. In order to safely exit the competitors’ cabs, a second person is required to lock out the lift cylinders once the boom is in the air. New Holland allows the operator to lock out the booms before exiting the cab.  With the boom lock engaged, the cab can be tilted forward for unencumbered access.

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