Posted December 31, 2014

Wacker Neuson Offers Safer Trench Roller

Wacker Neuson is introducing a new and improved version of its RTx trench roller, featuring a line-of-sight infrared remote control (SC3) that offers enhanced safety, using a third receiving eye on the top of unit to ensure smooth, uninterrupted operation as it travels under shoring cross bars. 

Wacker RTx SC3Wacker Neuson’s RTx SC3 (Smart Control 3) unit was designed with both operator and jobsite safety in mind. With the RTx SC3, the operator remains out of the trench, away from the dust and noise of the machine, but must keep a line-of-sight from the controller to the receiving eye at all times.  This innovative control technology eliminates dangerous blind spots should the unit move behind obstacles and other obstructions, or should the operator get distracted, keeping the jobsite and workers better protected.  Radio frequency controls do not safe guard against these blind spots potentially endangering others on the jobsite. With regard to operator safety the RTx SC3 has additional built-in safety precautions.  The machine will stop moving and vibrating if the operator comes within three feet of the roller’s sensing eyes or releases the controller’s joysticks, making sure that the operator is always at a safe distance from the machine. 

For over 20 years, Wacker Neuson’s trench rollers have served the rental industry’s expectations for safety, performance and reliability. The RTx was the first articulated trench roller with below-the-axle exciters that allow efficient transfer of compaction energy to the soil. A compact design with low center of gravity, high and low compaction force, plus the ability to change the drums from 32-inches to 22-inches provides flexibility on the jobsite.

Wacker Neuson’s RTx comes with a maintenance-free lower end that saves time and money and increases uptime. The lifetime lubricated bearings and drive gears with patented lube free exciter means there is no oil that needs to be changed.  This eliminates 30 hours of regular maintenance and six regular service visits over the life of the machine, the company says.