DumperDogg inserts turn pickups into dump trucks

Buyers Products has designed a new polymer version of its DumperDogg dump inserts that turn pickup trucks into dump trucks with easy installation for the rental market.

The new rugged, lightweight polymer DumperDogg inserts fit most 8-foot truck beds, and can easily be installed within 15 minutes without any special bolts or wiring.

“We designed this version of our DumperDogg truck inserts specifically for the rental industry, for customers that need the ability to haul and dump loads without the expense of purchasing or renting a dump truck,” said Brian Smith, marketing manager at Buyers Products. “The poly DumperDogg insert is another profit source for rental businesses.”

The poly material provides a long service life and will never rust. Sturdy 3/4-inch tailgate hinge pins provide support for the inserts’ payload capacity of 6,000 pounds. The 1.5-kilowatt motor for the hydraulic pump can be operated from inside the truck cab using the tethered control box for power-up and power-down. Dump angles on the inserts range from 0- to 45-degrees.

Along with heavy-duty construction, the inserts feature a double-pivoting, removable tailgate. Integrated side walls are designed for a standard sheet of plywood to lie flat.