Posted December 18, 2013

BOMAG’s new cold milling machines

BOMAG expands its cold milling product range with the new rear rotor design BM -35 Series.

Advances in operator comfort and precision controls set the standard for these rear rotor mills, and an exclusive cutter system delivers first rate milling performance.

This is the second generation of BOMAG’s milling models. The BM 500/600 series gave contractors enchanced comfort levels and exclusive quick change rotors. The next generation of commercial mills includes three models, the BM1000/35, BM1200/35 and BM1300/35.

BOMAG worked with experienced operators throughout the design conception. A goal was set to eradicate time-wasting factors which disrupt the milling process. Highest priority was given to maximizing cutting tool life, while minimizing tool replacement labor to support an efficient and productive jobsite. BOMAG developed its BMS 15 interchangeable holder system to accomplish these requirements. This new cutting system utilizes a single bolt for holder retention and requires a low tightening torque of 75 ft. lb. Additionally, the low front face position increases efficiency and therefore overall milling power, while allowing desirable full tooth rotation. A special tempered steel material offers a significantly longer service life versus conventional cutting systems and also provides BOMAG’s premium quality.

Operators also called for simplicity and ease of operation. The -35 models incorporate a logical operating layout, easy intuitive controls and low noise levels. The vibration-isolated operator stand features a comfortable swivel seat design which allows all work to be done while seated. The control ergonomics are complemented by straightforward switches, levers and clear read-out displays.