Posted December 14, 2015

Sakai America Introduces New Trench Roller

The  SA33L-2 Series Trench Roller from Sakai America is a 24.6 hp machine that delivers centrifugal forces exceeding 19,000 lbs. The company says it is built with a durable, solid frame and designed for low maintenance.

sakai america trench rollerThe SA33L-2 comes standard with an infrared remote control system for safe operation and ease of use. Also standard on the SA33L2 are the 33-in. drums that drop from 24-in. via an easily-removed outer ring.

The simple layout of the engine compartment makes it easy to maintain and service. The machine features marine-grade wiring, accessible sectional hydraulic hoses, a metal engine compartment hood and a molded polyurethane battery that is shock mounted with cast dynamic shock absorbers for added stability.