Posted December 4, 2015

New Hybrid Compact Lift from Reachmaster

Reachmaster has introduced the Bluelift B85 compact, hybrid lift. The new model offers a lithium battery and gasoline engine combination and an 85-foot working height. It features an electro-hydraulic system that lets users operate two functions at the same time, offering improvements in productivity.

reachmaster b85The company says the new lift has simplified and reduced control circuits, increased power and the ability to the dial-in functions with proportional control. The B85 features a double-stacked, articulating boom, 4-section telescopic boom and an articulated jib. The machine weighs 7600 lbs, is 3-ft. 2-in wide and less than 17-ft. long when the basket is removed. The lift's outreach is  has a 47-ft., 10-in. and basket capacity is 550 lbs. 

Other features include multi-position outriggers, auto-leveling, automatic center positioning of the turret and a double-speed drive system. The standard B85 is powered by a 15 hp Honda engine and electric motor, allowing indoor and outdoor use. A single-cylinder diesel engine is also available.