Posted November 21, 2014

Brokk's Upgraded Remote Controlled Demolition Machine

Brokk has upgraded its electric Brokk 400 remote-controlled demolition machine to include a larger undercarriage for heavy-tracking applications such as tunneling and mining and for enhanced stability when operating with heavier attachments such as metal shears and scabblers. Its improved hydraulic system provide more efficient fluid flow for more consistent power when the machine is operating a drill attachment.

Brokk 400The new Brokk 400 model features a bigger drive axis, rollers and sidetracks. It also has a larger undercarriage with new tracks that are 10 percent longer than the original’s. This improves longevity for machines used in applications that require a lot of tracking and provides up to 60 percent greater stability when operating with heavier attachments. In addition, the machine’s outriggers provide even more stability with a wide base that evenly distributes weight. Its high chassis setup and heavy-duty rubber tracks make it easy to maneuver over rubble piles and obstacles.

The new Brokk 400 can handle attachments up to 1,420 pounds, and its hydraulic quick-hitch system eliminates the need for hard pinning, so operators can change attachments more quickly and easily and with less hassle.

When paired with Atlas Copco’s SB 552 hammer, the Brokk 400 has a hitting power of 773 foot-pounds at the tip of the tool, which makes it ideal for rock excavation in small tunnels, scaling or secondary breaking.

The new Brokk 400 weighs 11,240 pounds and is 63 inches wide and nearly 81 inches tall. While it’s slightly larger than its predecessor it’s still compact enough for work in small spaces. It also is powered by a 30 kW electric motor for emissions-free operation in confined areas.

The machine features a robust, three-part boom that can operate at angles of up to 30 degrees and reach 22 feet horizontally and 24 feet vertically. The remote-controlled boom allows operators standing a safe distance away to reach into areas that traditional machines or users with handheld equipment cannot. The boom also features a box-weld design that provides additional protection for cylinders and hoses.

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