Posted November 14, 2014

New Line of Breakers From Hyundai

Hyundai's first attachment product line in the North American market is consists of 13 different models HDB10 through HDB450, of hydraulic breakers. The all-new HDB series breakers perfectly complement Hyundai excavators of all sizes.

Hyundai BreakersHyundai’s HDB series breakers offer a powerful impact with a large chisel diameter, from 1.6-  to 6.5-inches. Operating weights range from 271 to 8,186 lb and overall lengths range from 44.4 to 141.5 inches. The versatile breakers are suitable for a wide range of applications thanks to four chisel options – moil, wedge, blunt or conical. 

An Anti Blank Firing (ABF) system, which prevents the breaker from continuing to strike once material has been demolished, comes standard on the HDB50 to HDB450 models. This system helps protect the chisel pins, tie bolts and front heads from blank firing and increases the service life of all components. 

When the Auto Control valve is turned on, breaker operation will automatically start again by giving a small amount of pressure to the chisel.  Automatic stop will take place once the chisel is lifted up or after breaking.

A Two Stroke Selector System is standard on the HDB50 to HDB180 models. This feature allows operators to change from long to short strokes according to their preference and the job at hand.

These models feature only NOK oil seals leading to a longer seal life.  On the HDB210 to HDB450 models, an additional square buffer was added to increase the durability of the gas seals, step seals and the piston.  This buffer seal also helps to minimize the piston’s shaking action.

An optional Auto Grease Bracket Mounted system is available on the HDB140 to HDB450 models, which allows for automatic greasing several times a day contributing to longer machine life, particularly for the chisel.