General Equipment CTS12 makes quick work of floor covering removal

The CTS12 Rip-R-Stripper for floor-covering removal projects offers a fresh solution to the old problem of removing ceramic tile, hardwood floor and other tough floor coverings.

The General Equipment Company product acts as a tool carrier for electric-powered breakers with ratings between 30 and 45 foot-pounds of force. This includes popular models of Hiltiâ, Boschâ, Makitaâ and Hitachiâ breakers. Unlike the random orbit-type tile stripper machines currently on the market, the CTS12 provides a direct-impulse force, which supplies the power needed to break through the high bond strengths of today’s mastics, glues and thin-set materials.

Designed to enhance maneuverability, control and visibility, the CTS12’s unique configuration allows users to operate electric-powered breakers in an upright position, which helps increase productivity while reducing strain on operators’ knees and lower backs. The accessory tool angle can be adjusted to nine different self-locking positions, allowing the operator to find the best performing approach to each unique application. The Anti-Vibe handle is adjustable to enhance operator comfort and is rubber-insulated to reduce vibration. It also folds for storage and transportation.

Breakers mount quickly to the CTS12’s heavy-duty, unitized welded steel frame. The unit operates from a standard 115VAC, 15-ampere power source.

General Equipment offers a wide range of industry-standard, 1-1/8-inch-hexagon-by-6-inch shank accessory tools to work with the CTS12. These include chisels and scraper blades (up to 12-inches wide) for handling a variety of floor-covering removal applications.

Other equipment in the Rip-R-Stripper line includes the FCS5, FCS10 and FCS16 models for removing carpet, ceramic tile, linoleum and mastics.