Custom Equipment’s HB-1030 provides exceptional capacity

Custom Equipment’s Hy-Brid HB-1030 low-level scissor lift gives maintenance crews and contractors 750 pounds of platform capacity.

With greater capacity than competing low-level lifts and 19-foot models, operators can load the lifts with more tools and supplies, including drywall, lumber, HVAC parts, painting equipment and electrical materials. This reduces the number of trips up and down and saves time.

The all-purpose, heavy-duty lift allows users to handle multiple applications up to working heights of 16 feet. With its high capacity, the HB-1030 can accommodate two people at a time and provide a substantial working area. The platform is 25 inches wide by 60 inches long, and feature 30-inch slide out extensions for even greater working space. The extensions have capacities of 250 pounds.

The Hy-Brid HB-1030’s platform is operated up and down by the unit’s hydraulics, while the electrical drive and steering system are powered by two 12-volt, deep cycle batteries. Since the system is electrical rather than hydraulic, it draws fewer amps and requires less overall power. While electric drive and steering are standard for the HB-1030, they are not available on other manufacturer's lifts. This, combined with lightweight construction, allows the unit's battery power to last up to two times longer, or as long as 10 to 16 hours. In addition, HB-1030 lifts are heavy-duty, safe and lightweight, with low wheel loads that allow users to maneuver them over delicate floors and get onto green concrete sooner.

The design of the HB-1030 lift features dual front wheels that help distribute the machine’s weight and provide lower wheel loads. Paired with its lightweight design, the units are able to work on delicate flooring, including tile, laminate, raised floors and mezzanines, with much lower potential for damage. Users also can get onto poured concrete several days sooner with the HB-1030 than with heavier, competitive models. In addition, counter-rotating wheels reduce friction, which allow users to maneuver over tile or carpeting without marking or causing tears. To ensure a clean system for operating indoors in both finished and unfinished environments, the HB-1030’s hydraulic system is completely self-contained with only two connection points. This reduces the potential for hydraulic fluid leaks, which lead to floor damage and potential safety hazards.

Custom Equipment designs lifts to provide safer, easier access to the platform with an entry height of 20 inches, one of the lowest available. This not only reduces the fatigue and knee strain associated with climbing on and off the lift, but also nearly eliminates potential falls, which can occur when operators are loading and unloading heavy tools and supplies. The HB-1030 also features an access gate that swings completely open to allow users to step up and onto the platform. The full-swing gate eliminates the need to duck under bars or chains, thereby removing the concern of neck or back strain injuries. Users can easily load heavy, awkward materials like drywall and lumber by simply walking up and onto the platform instead of lifting the materials up and over a bar or chain.

Custom Equipment also designs lifts for easy maintenance. They feature an onboard battery charger that monitors the current and stops it once the battery is fully charged. Optional absorbent glass mat (AGM) batteries make the HB-1030 virtually maintenance free because they never require users to add water.