Posted October 30, 2015

New Hilti Breaker Designed for Impact, Durability

Hilti's new TE 800-AVR breaker features Hi Drive technology to deliver 15 ft-lbs of impact energy for demolition projects. It's D-handle design offers versatility for horizontal or vertical applications, such as wall demolition, correction work on floor slabs or breaking openings for windows and doors. 

hilti breaker For durability, the tool uses Hilti’s triple chamber sealing and an active cooling system with an intelligent air flow design. The triple chamber design isolates the hammering mechanism, the piston area and chuck, helping prevent dust and other elements from entering the gearing. The active cooling system provides air flow over electronics, motor, gear and hammering mechanism towards the tool chuck, resulting in lower operating temperatures.    This system provides the operator a cooler tool surface temperature while also increasing the life of seals and lubrication oil.

The TE 800-AVR also features low vibration, using Hilti's Active Vibration Reduction (AVR) sub-chassis system which cuts vibrations up to two-thirds when compared to conventional tools.