Posted October 29, 2015

New Telehandler Line From Skyjack

Skyjack's new TH series replaces the company's VR line with four new telehandler models equipped with Tier IV final engines. The TH range offers simpler rear axle stabilization, hydraulics systems, outriggers, controls, engine servicing, electronics and option packages compared to earlier models. 

SKYJACK 843 TH“We are excited to offer Tier IV Final telehanders without the cost and complexity increase that normally accompanies a tier engine change,” said Brad Boehler, president of Skyjack. “In fact, new pricing and our ROI focused clean sheet design makes the range truly competitive and attractive to the rental industry.”

The four model numbers are 643, 843, 1044 and 1056. Like other Skyjack telehandlers, the last two digits represent the maximum lift height in feet, while the number in front indicates maximum capacity in thousands of pounds. The SJ1056 TH, for example, has a maximum lift capacity of 10,000 lbs and maximum lift height of 56-ft 3-in. You can find a chart showing the capacities for the new range here. The company offers a whichever-comes-first warranty of 24 months or 3,000 hours. 

The TH range is engineered to require no diesel particulate filter (DPF), no diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) and no other active exhaust after treatment on standard engines for Tier IV Final. By using improved gearing, high torque engines and a simplified, high efficiency hydraulics package, Skyjack designed the TH series to employ 74hp engines while delivering the same on-site job performance as higher power units. 

“For example fully loaded potential grade-abilities on the SJ1056 TH is 50%, while on the SJ843 TH it’s 63%, all with 74 hp," Barry Greenaway, Skyjack’s product manager said.. “This, and no increase in hydraulic function times, means that the SJ TH range delivers all the job site functionality expected of a rough terrain telehandler with a minimal tradeoff in third gear travel performance on 10,000 lb models." 

The 74hp engine does not require the same complicated engine programming or computer logic of DEF equipped units. It also allows enhanced access for service and maintenance and the low profile engine cowling offers operators better visibility. With the 74 hp engine, there are no DEF requirements, no multiple extra engine and exhaust sensors, or selective catalytic reduction.

The 74 hp Deutz engines are standard, a 107 hp Deutz engine optional on the SJ1044 TH and SJ1056 TH. The larger engines uses only a DEF after treatment system with no DPF requirement, Greenaway said. 

Other features standard on the TH series include:

  • External extension cylinder and top mounted extension chain
  • Oversized engine bay with fiberglass cowling
  • Deutz engines, Dana powershift transmission and Dana axles
  • Modular cab that can be converted from open to closed at the rental yard
  • Simple control panel design 
  • Multi-function engine display
  • Cast counterweight with hitch pin incorporated
  • Yoke mounted lifting hook for under slung loads
  • Quick attach carriages shared with existing Skyjack VR telehandlers
  • Skyjack’s Skycoded relay based control system
  • Auxiliary hydraulics 
  • Engine block heater.

The TH series is expected to make its first public appearances at the World of Concrete in Las Vegas, Nevada, and at The Rental Show 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia. All models will be in production by the end of 2015.