Posted October 27, 2014

Estimate Your Cost Savings For Propane-Powered Equipment

The Propane Education & Research Council debuts three multi-platform cost calculators to help propane-powered equipment owners, or those considering adding propane-powered equipment to their fleet, to calculate ROI. PERC released a suite of cost calculator  tools that estimate potential fuel savings and ROI with clean, American-made propane when compared with conventional fuels such as gasoline and diesel.

perc propane ROI calculatorsEquipment owners and commercial landscapers consider switching to propane to improve their bottom line, said Tucker Perkins, PERC’s chief business development officer. “With these new applications, equipment dealers, propane providers, and customers can easily calculate fuel costs with propane specific to their market and operations. And with the online and mobile tools, they can share results on the spot via email.”

The PERC cost calculator series currently includes the Propane Mower Calculator, Propane Irrigation Engine Calculator, and Propane Autogas Calculator, which are conveniently available in multiple different platforms.

• The Web tools can be operated with Internet access online at
• The calculators can be downloaded as a desktop tool for users to complete without any Internet or mobile access.
• Downloadable worksheets can be printed and filled in by hand for users without computer access.
• Mobile applications are available for phones and tablets in app stores for Apple and Android devices.
• Results from the applications can also easily be shared by email.