Posted October 27, 2014

New Tier 4 Final Compact Track Loader From Case

CASE Construction Equipment introduces the new Tier 4 Final TR310 Alpha Series compact track loader (CTL), featuring wider tracks (15.75 in.), greater overall width (74.3 in.), and lower ground pressure (5.0 psi) for greater power, stability and flotation in a medium-frame CTL. The new machine weighs 8,800 pounds with ROC of 3,100 pounds and a bucket breakout force of 8,680 pounds.

case CTL TR310The 74 hp machine delivers 232 foot-pounds of torque and increased hydraulic flow (standard: 24.2 gpm; high-flow: 32.4 gpm). The radial-lift arm design is ideal for digging and pushing applications, and the machine’s hinge-pin height (10 feet, 3 inches) is excellent for loading and unloading trucks. It also features a 19.5-gallon fuel tank, which extends runtimes.

The TR310 features a cooled exhaust gas recirculation (CEGR) engine with a particulate matter catalyst, which is made up of a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and a high-efficiency flow-through filter. This solution is efficient and maintenance free as it does not require filter replacement.

Its EZ-EH (electro-hydraulic) setup menu features nine optimal preset speed and control settings. This allows the operator to match controls to their preference. A single rocker switch allows operators to switch between the “H” operating pattern and ISO pattern controls; new handles with detents that allow the operator to physically feel when the joystick is coming out of neutral.

The CTL features a dozer-style undercarriage for stability on steep slopes and performance in muddy and sandy terrain. The rigid track frame features fewer moving parts than suspension track systems, making it more durable and easier to maintain. The cab is nearly 3 ft. wide, is sealed and pressurized, and features a low entry threshold. The cab-forward design provides excellent sight lines to the bucket edge, curb lines and to the rear of the machine. 

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