Wacker Neuson offers 5-year transferable warranty

Wacker Neuson announced a 5-year bumper-to-bumper transferable warranty on its popular RT trench roller series.

The warranty covers the entire machine, and because it is administered through Wacker Neuson’s warranty program, it stays with the machine no matter how many times it is resold within the 5-year warranty period.

The 5-year bumper-to-bumper warranty is available for all RTx rollers sold in the U. S. and Canada starting Oct. 1, 2013. It covers all components except typical wear and maintenance items such as filters. The machine’s serial number is registered through Wacker Neuson and will follow the machine from owner to owner. Any authorized and trained Wacker Neuson dealer will be able to support the warranty of these units for the full five years, regardless of location and owner generation.

“This new warranty provides both rental dealers and contractors with peace of mind and much improved predictability of the life cost of the unit," said Johannes Schulze Vohren, vice president and managing director of Wacker Neuson. "In addition, there is the added benefit of increased resale value. To be able to offer a full warranty to a buyer for an additional two or three years, depending on when the machine is sold out of the rental or the contractor’s fleet, is a huge advantage. Obviously, we have tremendous confidence in this machine to back it completely for five years.”

An important innovation for the RT trench roller series is the infrared-remote control, called Smart Control, which was designed with safety in mind. The infrared technology requires the operator to maintain line-of-sight at all times, eliminating dangerous blind spots and keeping the job site and its workers better protected.

Wacker Neuson’s trench rollers feature a maintenance-free lower end, which includes lifetime lubricated bearings and drive gears with patented lube-free exciter gears. No oil needs to be changed. The roller also features a single-piece body exciter motor which is a simple and durable design.

Most recently, the RT was designed as a 2-in-1 machine with a new flexible drum that can change the working width of the machine’s drum from 32 to 22 inches. The easy-to-remove extensions have a central mounting system that protects the bolts from exposure to damage during operation. This is another advantage for rental dealers to get more out of their investment.

Wacker Neuson’s articulated RT has a below-the-axle exciter in each drum that allows for more efficient transfer of compaction energy to the soil, providing superior results. The compact design, low center of gravity, vibration speed and choice of high or low compaction force provide additional versatility, making these units ideal for working in trenches and excavations, and pipeline and backfill applications as well as compaction of sub bases for foundations, roads and parking lots.