Posted October 20, 2014

CS Unitec’s New Portable Magnetic Drill

CS Unitec’s new MAB 800 KTS portable magnetic drill features multi-axis positioning, allowing the drill to be adjusted up to 2-5/32” forward/backward and up to 4-3/4” left/right after the magnet is adhered to the surface. This versatile drill is designed for job site drilling, boring and slotting applications where dismantling is not feasible.

cs unitec magnetic drillWith infinitely variable torque control and full-wave electronics, this heavy-duty drill cuts holes up to 2-3/8” dia. with annular cutters in structural steel and other metals. The servo-assisted drilling feature helps maintain feed pressure during operation. Additional capabilities include twist drilling up to 1” dia. and tapping up to 1-1/8” diameter. A stroke length of 10” makes the MAB 800 KTS ideal for steel engineering, plant construction and more. The 16 Amp, double-insulated, reversible motor has a 4-speed oil bath gearbox (40-110, 65-175, 140-360, 220-600 RPM) for applications requiring high power. This unit has a quick-change keyless cutter system for 3/4” Weldon Shanks, saving time and money. An arbor for 1-1/4” Weldon Shank is also included.

Safety features in the MAB 800 KTS include an Electronic Safety Shutoff Sensor to automatically shut down the drill motor if the magnet loses contact with the material. The magnet has a holding force of 6,600 lbs.