Weber MT to introduce new products

Weber MT is unveiling two new machines and redesigning a third for the 2014 ARA Rental Show Feb. 9-12 in Orlando.

SRV 590 rammer 

The new vibrating tamper SRV 590 features lower weight with the same power. It is used to compact soil for the construction of channels and pipes, for gardening and landscaping purposes, or during road construction. Its advantages are a low weight of 125 pounds without loss of compaction power, and the ability to work close to walls because of a narrow handle.

The use of lightweight components reduces the weight of this tamper, making it more convenient for work and transport. Despite its lighter weight, the high-strength components of the SRV 590 guarantee excellent compacting results and offer a long-lasting and robust design. A the low-oil warning built into the SRV 590 (Honda GX 100) prevents the engine from starting if the oil level is too low.

CR 9 compactor

With a centrifugal force of 22,500 lbs and weighing 1,600 lbs, the new CR 9 compactor offers features previously missing in Weber MT's product line. The CR 9 stands out with its new infinitely variable, electro-hydraulic tip control that allows for precise and convenient shifting between forward and reverse travel. Low hand-arm vibrations and ergonomically designed guide bars allow the operator to work without getting tired. Additionally, the guide bar can be adjusted to the height of the operator's body. There is a centrifugal clutch with an automatic tensioning feature.

The drive motor, a Hatz Diesel 1D 90, generates more than enough power. The new CR 9 has balanced operating characteristics and is  available with COMPATROL compaction control.

CF1i compactor

The CF1i is ideally suited for compaction of sand and gravel as well as block and asphalt paving materials. This is a redesign for 2013 of Weber MT’s original CF1 soil compactor, with numerous design improvements for the base plate. At only 145 pounds, this compactor provides an impressive 2,500 pounds of centrifugal force, 10 percent more than the previous model.