Posted October 7, 2015

New SK752 Features Improved Operator's Station

Updates for the Ditch Witch SK752 mini skid steer were "significantly driven by customer feedback," providing an easy-to-operate machine that replaces the SK750 model, explains Andrew Schuermann, Ditch Witch product manager. "The SK750 is very popular in the rental industry and, with the updates we've made, the SK752 will fit the rental market very well. It's a nice-size machine for landscapers, utility work and for many construction applications."

andrew schuermann ditch witch product maanger

Ditch Witch product manager Andrew Schuermann explained some of the operator benefits users will find with the new SK752 mini skid steer. The new model was displayed, along with a host of other new Ditch Witch machines, at ICUEE, held last week in Louisville, Kentucky.


Powered by a 24.8 hp Tier 4 F Kubota, the new mini skid steer uses the same frame as the company's 850. Rated operating capacity is 860 lbs and hinge-pin height is 83 inches, just as with the larger machine, both of which help boost productivity. The 37-hp 850 is better suited for ground-engaging applications, he adds, "while the 752 offers advantages as a productivity tool across a range of applications."

The most noticeable changes on the new unit, Schuermann says, will be with the operator's station. "We spent a lot of time with customers and asked them how we could improve the machine. For example, just in the location of some of the controls, customers would say 'You should put this lever here. For what I do all day, this would make things easier.' "

As a result, the machine is easy-to-operate using color-coded controls, dual-lever ground drive controls and a two way auxilary control foot pedal to maintain hydraulic flow to the attachment. The operator stands on a 74 sq. in. platform with high ground clearance to improve comfort as well as visibility. 

For versatility, a wide range of attachments are available. A 9-in. wide track is standard, 7-in is optional (for 36-in. operational width). The mini skid steer uses a high-drive track system with bolt-on sprockets and wide track rollers for longer track life, easier maintenance and greater stability.

sk 752 mini skid steer