Posted October 5, 2015

Toro Showcases Powerful Dingo TX 1000 at ICUEE

With a rated operating capacity of more than 1,000 lbs, hinge pin height of 81 inches and vertical lift loader arms, the Dingo TX 1000 is a compact utility loader (CUL) with enough power and capacity to lift material over the side of dumpsters and one-ton trucks, helping boost job site productivity.

Dingo tx 1000Powered by a 3-cylinder, 24 hp Kubota T4F diesel, the machine is available in narrow track and wide track models, which highlight its power-to-weight ratio, the company says. The narrow track model weighs 2,610 lbs.; the wide-track model weighs 2,790 lbs. and  can lift more than any compact utility loader (CUL) in the category at 1,075 lbs.­­­

“We’re thrilled that the new Dingo TX 1000 is already proving to be an outstanding machine on underground and utility operations across the globe,” explains Josh Beddow, marketing manager for The Toro Company.

More than 20 attachments are available, making the TX 1000 a versatile piece of equipment for a variety of applications. Along with its dump height, the company says, the vertical path also adds to job site efficiency when using an auger or breaker. 

Other attachments include: a vibratory plow for irrigation and cable installations; a bore drive head attachment for boring under sidewalks or other space-restrictive areas; and, high-torque and high-speed trencher attachments for small- to mid-size trenching projects.

When compared to dedicated horizontal directional drill (HDD) or vibratory plow units, the relatively small footprint of the Dingo TX 1000 can potentially minimize turf and terrain damage that can occur during utility installation projects. 

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