Predator Power launches new stump grinders

A new range of high-power, compact stump grinders will be introduced by Predator Power at TCI Expo 2013, to be held Nov. 14-16 in Charlotte, N.C.

Predator 50RXKnown for their tracked, narrow access operation, Predator Power's new machines are rugged, high-powered and low-maintenance. They are designed to reduce running costs to save users time and money.

The 50-hp Predator 50RX is designed to access the narrow entrances. The variable width track base travels from 31 inches to 47 inches at the touch of a button, allowing easy entry through a gateway narrower than three feet. It can cut effortlessly to a depth of 15 inches, with a swing of 60 inches. The machine does not have a belt or clutch. With a rear PTO, it becomes a dozer, tow vehicle, mulcher, flail or powerpack.

Predator uses the fully proportional, highly accurate and reliable Scanreco G2B radio control system that is commonly found on cranes. It allows the operator to have the feel and control of a hydraulic lever, while maintaining full flexibility and visibility.

The 38-hp Predator 38RX is radio controlled with improved operator safety, visibility and flexible controls. The machine has a cutting depth of 18 inches, a swing of 54 inches, a cutting height of 30 inches and a 26-inch width.

The Predator 360SW is designed with a turntable mechanism for frame swivel of up to 60 degrees. Powered by a 14-hp Kohler CH440 engine, it has an above/underground cutting range of 8 inches. The operating range is 32 inches, and it weighs 300 lbs.

All Predator machines employ Multi-Tip technology for fast changing of teeth and good performance. Because changing teeth takes just seconds, the operator is more likely to change the teeth when required, resulting in more production with less fuel and machinery wear.

The teeth are pre-set in the wheel to ensure top performance. Replacing the leading teeth with sharp ones allows the re-use of dull teeth in non-leading positions, reducing the need for sharpening. This represents a minimum of 25 percent increase in performance .