New Barreto 30SG stump grinder

The Barreto 30SG's 1,670-lb. frame keeps the unit stable and in proper contact with the stump.

The track system features a true skid steer-type drive and provides excellent maneuverability, allowing the operator to easily transport the unit to and from the work site. Intuitive controls provide one control for each track and a joy stick to control all cutting head functions.

There are no belts to the 19.25-inch cutting wheel. The hydraulic direct drive eliminates the need for expensive drive belts. A brake on the cutting wheel makes for safer operation. The unit will easily fit through 36-inch gates. The open and accessible body style allows for easy service and maintenance. A low center of gravity helps the stability of the unit on uneven terrain.

The 30SG stump grinder has a hydraulically-driven cutter wheel that is raised and lowered into the stump and then moved from side to side to cut down. Power options are a 31-hp Briggs & Stratton Vanguard V-Twin or a 29-hp Kohler EFI engine.The engine is coupled to two gear pumps. The larger pump drives the cutter wheel, and the smaller pump works the tilt and swing cylinders.

The tracks are driven by independent hydrostatic pumps mounted on the rear of the engine for easy access and simple linkage control. Counterbalance valves on each track drive prevent the track motors from slipping while the cutter wheel is engaged in the cutting process, even while operating on a slope.

The cutter wheel operation and articulating arm are operated by controls mounted on the console.The cutter wheel is activated by a switch on the control stick and has a secondary safety switch to prevent accidental engagement. Back and forth movement across the stump, as well as depth of cut, are easily controlled by handles on the console. They allow for carefully controlled movement of the cutter wheel as it reduces the stump to chips.

An all-hydraulic drive to the cutter wheel eliminates costly belts. It also increases customer satisfaction by ensuring there is no loss of power because of a damaged belt or mechanical component. The track drive increases maneuverability around the jobsite to get the job done with increased efficiency.

Features include:

  • Easy controls operate the track drive and cutter wheel.
  • Time-tested track design absorbs impact and provides stability.
  • Hydraulically-driven cutter wheel provides 14-inch cutting depths.
  • The engine is coupled to two gear pumps. A larger pump drives the cutter wheel and a smaller pump works the tilt and swing.
  • Counterbalance valves on each track drive prevent the track motors from slipping.