Posted September 10, 2013

Classen Hydro-Drive Sod Cutters

Get more done in less time with the Classen Hydro-Drive sod cutter.

The vibration dampening elastomeric isolators and integrated finger-throttle clutch control make the Classen Hydro Sod Cutter easy to handle. The Hydro vibration dampening system reduces machine vibration at the operator up to 40 percent. The hydrostatic drive delivers a smooth, consistent power flow with infinitely varied transport speeds of up to 4.7 mph. The power-reverse feature on this sod cutter makes it easier to load and unload, and easier to maneuver.

Whether your project is relocating or repositioning sod, expanding an existing flower bed, building a walkway or patio, or establishing a new planting area, the Classen Hydrostatic Drive sod cutter gets the job done fast and with less fatigue.

An optional swivel wheel kit enhances maneuverability, and makes quick work of cutting contoured profiles for walkways, flowerbeds and tree rings. Swivel wheels make turning the units around at the end of a pass much easier, and can also lock in place for straight-line cutting.

Classen sod cutter features include:

  • Hydrostatic drive for a smooth, consistent power flow. Infinitely variable transport speeds of up to 4.7 mph.
  • Vibration dampening system reduces machine vibration at the operator up to 40 percent.
  • Power-reverse from hydrostatic drive makes it easy to maneuver, and to load and unload.
  • Unique design lets you switch back and forth from a 12-, 18- 20- or 24-inch cut in a matter of minutes with optional blade assemblies.
  • Integrated throttle/clutch control on handle for simple to operate sod cutting. The unit goes idle and stops machine movement when released.
  • Blade placed at center of machine ensures a more consistent cutting depth.
  • Cutting blade makes 20 cutting strokes per second (1,200 per minute). This yields cleaner, smoother results and increased sod cutting productivity. 1-3/8-inch cutting stroke is up to 50 percent longer than competitive models.
  • Knobby tread drive wheels ensure better traction and eliminate dirt buildup.
  • Adjusts to cut sod up to 2.5 inches deep.
  • Two-year warranty.