Posted September 8, 2014

CASE Debuts Multi-fit Coupler

CASE is introducing a new S Series Multi-fit Coupler. The coupler system provides you with more flexibility in meeting contractors' needs, helping turn excavators into tool carriers. The twin-locking coupler is a fully automatic, hydraulic quick coupler that is lighter and safer than other couplers, the company says. 

Case Lutlifit CouplerMade from durable and strong tensile steel-cast materials, the newly-designed coupler is up to 20% lighter and stronger than comparable products, which helps improve machine performance while easing maneuverability. The universal design of the CASE S Series Multi-fit Coupler allows for versatility. It is capable of working in both backhoe and face-shovel positions and has a large swing radius, which allows for increased digging and lifting power.

The Coupler’s most important feature is its safety design. The twin-locking system, which is equipped with two independent mechanical locks, prevents the inadvertent release of an attachment, which can cause damage to equipment, the environment or harm to operators.

The system secures both the front and rear attachments in the event of a hydraulic failure or power loss, for added operator safety. Additionally, the operator can visually confirm both front and rear pins are secure from inside the cab with the help of the unique patented Automatic Blocking System (ABS). One-way check valves are located in the coupler cylinder and solenoid valve to allow for full system pressure retention in the event of a hydraulic hose failure.

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