Posted September 8, 2014

PRIME Products from Husqvarna

Introduced at a trade show earlier this year, Husquvarna says its new line of PRIME concrete cutting tools are now in the marketplace. The electric tool line includes power packs and equipment for core drilling, wall sawing and hand held cutting.

PRIME line up"Our growing range of electric, high-frequency products is the result of listening to our customers, their needs and requirements," says Lars Gustafsson, Global Product Manager. 

PRIME stands for Powerful, Revolutionary, Intelligent, Modular, and Electric, the company's marketing material explains. The equipment is powered by the company's PP 65 or PP 220 power packs that convert regular AC power into a high-frequency current that drives the cutting equipment. Both packs are 9.3 hp and weigh 22 lbs. The PP220 is water-cooled and will run the new wall saw, along with the power cutter, ring saw and drill motor. The air-cooled PP 65 drives the power cutter, ring saw and drill motor.

Digital electronics replaces hydraulics and mechanics in all areas of concrete cutting with these tools. The equipment line includes the K 6500 cutter and the K 6500 ring saw, featuing high output, low system weight, balanced body and low vibration. The ring saw can cut to 10-in. deep.

The WS 220 wall sawing system uses 23-in. to 35-in. blades and can saw through 15-in walls. The engine delivers 8 hp on the spindle and it weighs 42 lbs. It includes a troley that features puncture-proof wheels and can carry the 198-lb. system to help simplify moving it to, around and from job sites. The trolley also can carry the K 6500 cutter or Ring. 

The DM 650 is a core drilling system handling 4-in. to 24-in diameters, suited for a range of applications that require cuts through reinforced concrete, brick and other materials. 

You can click here to find more information on the new line. Click on each product shown on the site for more specs.