Posted September 2, 2014

Terex Generation 2 Loaders Include 100+ Upgrades

Terex introduces its new line of skid steer loaders and compact track loaders specifically designed for rental stores and contractors working in site preparation, construction, landscaping, infrastructure development and demolition applications.

Terex Gen2 WheelBased on proven designs and engineering, the new Terex Generation 2 (GEN2) loaders feature more than 100 enhancements from previous models and are available in radial and vertical lift-path patterns with rated operating capacities (ROC) ranging from 665 lb. to 3,600 lb. These features help offer operators job site productivity on every and equipment owners a high return on investment.

Using the company's continuous improvement methodology, many of the enhancements to the Terex GEN2 loader lines are aimed at increasing machine performance through additional ROC and loader breakout forces, while increasing the machine’s durability and reliability in the field, which reduces the cost of ownership during the life of the loader.

“The 100 customer-driven improvements to the GEN2 loaders demonstrate Terex’s focus on continuous improvement to our Terex Gen2 Trackskid steer loader and compact track loader lines, as well as highlight our ongoing commitment to quality and innovation,” says Vice President and General Manager of Terex Construction Americas and Global Aftermarket, Dean Barley.

Designed for performance and durability, he adds, the machines have the power, engine horsepower, bucket breakout force and axle torque to improve lift capability and pushing force. These attributes combine to allow operators to handle heavier loads with faster cycle time, to improve job site productivity. 

All Terex GEN2 models are equipped with Tier 4 Final engines for increased productivity at a lower operation cost. “With rental customers, as well as owner/operators, relying on Terex compact loaders,” says Barley, “the Terex Tier 4 Final solution came down to simple operation, low cost of ownership, no additives and increased productivity. Operators will appreciate the enhanced performance of the new GEN2 model thanks to the extra horsepower and lift capacity provided by the Tier 4 Final engines.”

Other improvements incorporated into the GEN2 line were made based on customer feedback, distributor feedback and warranty data over the last six years. Some examples include an improved quick-attach pin profile, a cylinder seal package that includes three additional sealing surfaces to eliminate potential leakage, as well as wear bands were added to reduce side load strain. The new models also include new high-torque, stainless-steel clamps, upgraded hydraulic couplers, one million cycle hoses on all high-pressure applications, new standard and heavy-duty “W” style crimps on loader and drive hoses and improved O-ring installation processes.

All the loaders use the company’s patented Posi-Track suspended undercarriage technology and proprietary all-rubber track system, for traction, flotation and better operating comfort so operators can make full use of the machine’s higher travel speeds. The loaders have 10-in of ground clearance, 28° rear angle of departure and speeds up to 12 mph, which improves these machines’ ability to traverse soft, uneven terrain.

The loaders use a new nomenclature system to make it easier to select the right size machine for the job. This new naming scheme is based on the loader’s ROC. “Most contractors evaluate skid steer loaders and compact track loaders based on ROC,” says Barley. The new loaders are engineered to more accurately reflect ROC. TheTerex GEN2 nomenclature includes five symbols:

  • “R” or a “V” designates whether the loader is a radial or vertical lift-path unit.
  • Three numbers following the letter indicates the unit’s ROC.
  • an “S” or a “T” indicates whether the unit is a skid steer loader or a track loader.

For example, the R190T is a radial lift, 1,900-lb ROC track loader, while the V200S is a vertical lift, 2,000-lb ROC skid steer loader.

The Terex GEN2 line currently includes eight models, ranging in size from 665 lb to 2,300 lb of ROC: R070T, R160T, R165S, R185S, R190T, R200S, V200S, V230S. Additional Terex GEN2 compact track loaders and skid steer loaders, including radial and vertical lift models with 2,300 lb. to 3,600 lb ROC, will be added to the product line in the months to come.

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