Posted August 29, 2014

New Range of Grinding Machine From Husqvarna

Husqvarna revamped its small grinder line, adding the new PG 450 and designing all the models for easy set-up, teardown and transport.

husq grinderThe frame folds tightly and can be wheeled around,similar to a suitcase, and the handles on the grinding head allow it to be easily lifted and moved. Having two separate pieces enables the grinders to fit into the trunk of most vehicles. The handle bar on the frame adjusts to make setting an ergonomic operating height easy.

The self-adjusting floating cover with brush list enables dust collectoin. The new cover follows the surface of the floor and creates a tight seal for efficient dust management. All three machines have a fixed speed, making them easy to use.

The PG 450 is the company's smallest planetary grinder/polisher that can perform all types of applications such as concrete grinding, coating removal, concrete repair and polishing. The planetary drive also guarantees a flatter surface. The machine runs on single phase power, which is easily accessible in most settings. 

The PG 280 has an edge function with a wall protector for controlled edge grinding next to walls.The removable section on the lid cover makes it easy to convert to edge grinding. There are openings on both the left and right sides of the machine. This function also uses a non-marking wall protector to ensure the wall is not damaged during grinding. 

The company's complete press release is here, including machine specs.