Posted August 27, 2014

New Bobcat Compact Excavator

Bobcat has introduced its new Zero Tail Swing (ZTS) E20 compact excavator, a 13.9 HP model featuring a retractable undercarriage, comfortable cab, increased uptime protection, attachment readiness and ease of serviceability.

QuickLook: Bobcat E20 Compact Excavator
TAIL SWING: Zero Tail Swing
ENGINE: 13.9 hp Tier 4 diesel
DIG DEPTH: 8 ft. 6 in.
ARM FORCE: 1778 lbf.
TRAVEL SPEED (low/high): 1.5 / 2.5 mph
MACHINE WIDTH: 39 to 53 in. 

bobcat e20The E20, a 2-metric-ton class excavator, has a Tier 4-compliant engine, a maximum reach of 14 ft., dig depth of 8-ft. 6-in. and dump height of 8-ft. 8-in,.It features an automatic slew brake. Options include auto-shift drive and a fingertip auxiliary boom swing control. T It has  With the E20 the rear of the house stays within the width of the tracks through full rotation, allowing operators to work flush against a structure to help minimize damaging nearby objects. When the undercarriage is fully retracted, the overall width is reduced from 53½ inches to 39 inches — making the E20 an ideal choice for traveling through gates or next to property lines. The E20’s undercarriage is 5½ inches longer than the 324 excavator model, which provides enhanced trenching capabilities, especially when working over the rear of the excavator.

The new machine has a roomier cab design that gives the operator excellent visibility to the attachment and the working area, increasing operator comfort. An easy-to-open front window and lower portal window, along with a redesigned heater are included with the optional enclosed cab. The instrument panel has been updated to match larger Bobcat compact excavator panels. The E20 offers improved control of the boom swing function. By moving the boom swing control to the joystick, it frees up floor space for more foot room. An auto-shift travel function provides operators with automatic high-and-low range shifting.

An optional password-protected keyless start is available for the E20, so an owner can program a desired five-digit code. This function has proven to deter machine theft and minimize unauthorized use. An additional optional feature of the E20 is a radio and speakers for improved operator enjoyment when working.

The E20 features a variety of attachments, including three trenching buckets, a grading bucket, a clamp, a hydraulic breaker and an auger. Another major feature is blade extension mounting system, which is held in place by pins. The pins can be removed to extend or retract the dozer blade with no tools needed. An integrated slew brake eliminates the need for an operator to engage the slew brake when transporting a machine, providing infinite brake positioning for easier loading and more options when positioning on the trailer. A dual direction, cushioned arm cylinder and a cylinder-over-boom design protects  the boom cylinder. The E20 is clamp ready — it comes with a clamp cylinder mount and port relief — to grab, lift and carry objects.