Posted August 26, 2014

Three New Mid-Size Excavators From Hyundai 

Hyundai Construction has three new mid-size excavator models, the R140LC-9A, R160LC-9A and the R180LC-9A, in its 9A series product line. These machines include a certified Tier 4 Interim engine upgrade, improved hydraulics, increased operator comfort and added durability. The R140LC-9A, R160LC-9A and R180LC-9A have operating weights of 30,820 lbs., 39,240 lbs. and 41,560 lbs., respectively. 

hyundai r180l-9aEach is powered with Tier 4 Interim, turbo-charged Perkins 1204E engines - 116 hp for the R140LC, 128 hp for the two larger models. Engines feature electronically-controlled fuel injection and self-diagnostic capabilities, automatic regeneration control strategies and service-free Diesel Particulate Filters. The cooling systems provide optimum efficiency in all operations. 

To further conserve fuel and reduce environmental impact, operators can choose between three unique engine modes - Power, Standard and Economy- which enable the machine to switch between full power mode and two reduced fuel consumption modes according to the user’s preference or machine application. 

Hyundai designed the hydraulic system on each of these models to provide the operator with excellent response and improved controllability. Maximizing pump flow controls minimizes fuel consumption and improved spool valves are engineered to provide precision control to each hydraulic function with minimal effort.  Improved hydraulic control valves, precision engineered variable volume piston pumps, fine-touch pilot controls and enhanced travel functions make for smooth and easy operation.  Boom-down flow regeneration and control valve technology are also improved.  An auto boom-swing priority feature automatically and continuously looks for the ideal hydraulic flow balance for the boom and swing functions of the machine to maximize performance and productivity. 

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