Posted August 26, 2014

New, Compact Makita Power Cutter 

Makita's new 14” 61 cc Power Cutter, model EK6101, weighs in at 19.6 lbs. and offers users easier starts, less maintenance and improved fuel economy, the company says. Adam Livingston, Product Manager, Commercial Products said “This latest release in Makita’s concrete cutting line-up means that we can now offer a power cutter specific to most common user applications and needs.” 

makita compact cutterPowered by a 61cc engine with 4.4 hp for concrete cutting applications, the cutter includes Stratified Air Scavenging (SAS) to send air through the transfer port to push burned gases through the exhaust outlet, recovering up to 75% of unburned fuel to reduce fuel consumption by 20%. Its cyclonic air intake delivers more air more efficiently and increases air filter life by discarding up to 90% of larger debris. The larger surface inverted intake and filter system extends filter life and service intervals.

For user comfort, the EK6101 is engineered to start easier and vibrate less. The start capacitor with spring-assisted recoil stores electrical energy, resulting in significantly less pull-start force. The sliding front engine mounts help absorb vibration by detaching when cutting pressure is applied. It also has lower noise (97 dB(A)) than other power cutters in the category, with smoother idle for continuous operation.

The compact and efficient EK6101 is an ideal cutting solution for metal decking, angle iron, i-beams, cast iron pipe, brick/masonry, stone/concrete blocks, railroad rails, road curbs, and asphalt. Blade sold separately.




Engine displacement

3.7 (61 cc)

Engine (max power)

4.4 HP / 3.2 kW

No Load Speed/Max. Spindle Speed

9,850 RPM/4,400 RPM


Unleaded gasoline

Fuel Mixture


Fuel tank capacity

23.6 oz.

Arbor with adaptor


Max cutting depth


Dry Weight

19.6 lbs.


Tool, Universal wrench, Torx wrench, Carburetor screwdriver, Adaptor ring