Posted August 15, 2014

Komatsu America Launches WA200-7 Wheel Loader with T4i Engine

Komatsu's WA200-7 is powered by 126 hp EPA Tier 4 Interim emission certified Komatsu engine that shows a 3% reduction in fuel consumption compared to the previous model. The wheel loader weighs in at 25,342 to 26,070 lbs and offers lower operating costs and improved operator comfort. 


The new loader uses the company's Parallel Z-bar (PZ) loader linkage, combining parallel lift linkage for pallet handling and high tilt forces for large attachments. The linkage also offers large breakout and lift force.

The Komatsu Tier 4 Interim engine uses an advanced electronic control system to better manage air-flow rate, fuel injection, combustion and exhaust after-treatment to optimize performance, reduce emissions, and reduce fuel consumption. Komatsu Variable Flow Turbocharger (KVFT) and Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve results in precise air management as well as long component life. The simplicity of this configuration on the 4-cylinder engine provides a robust and reliable system without additional hydraulic lines.

The Komatsu Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (KDOC) is part of an integrated exhaust management system that does not interfere with daily operation. The KDOC is a 100% passive regeneration system that is good for the life of the engine and does not have a scheduled replacement interval.

The WA200-7 also features Komatsu SmartLoader Logic, which provides the optimal engine torque for the job required. Its hydrostatic drivetrain features large pump capacity for efficiency and responsiveness. The dynamic-braking effect of the HST slows the machine when the accelerator pedal is released helping minimize brake wear. 

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