Posted August 7, 2015

Barreto's New Stand-on Track Trencher

The new RTK Stand-on Track Trencher from Barreto features a fixed platform and unique control adjustment using rod linkage instead of cables. The new Adjustable Trenching Control (ATC) can be positioned to modify the trenching speed of the tracks individually while on the go, allowing operators to keep their trench straight when working on uneven terrain. 

barreto new stand on trencher

With tracks to help reduce soil damange, the new trencher features one-handed controls for eacy operation. The boom pivot design keeps high-maintenance components out of the dirt, reducing wear. Accessible yet protected components helps minimize maintenance costs. Boom options include 24-, 30-, 36-, 42- or 48-inch depth and either 4-in. or 6-in. widths. The RTK is currently available with a 20 hp or 23 hp Honda (GX630 or GX690); a Briggs & Stratton 23 hp also will be made available on the new machine. Five chain options are available. 

Click here to see a video of the new machine trenching and cross-trenching.