Traffic delineator with high impact resistance, greater visibility

Pacific Cascade/the ParkingZone adds a flexible traffic delineator made of TPU polyurethane that can withstand vehicular impacts better than static delineators that often need to be replaced after repeated minor collisions.

ParkingZone traffic delineatorThe new delineators come in a 29.52-inch glue down option, the bolt down version comes in 29.52-inch, and 39.37-inch heights, and a 42-inch glue/bolt down combo option is currently in development.

The Flexible Delineators have an extremely thick polyurethane construction and the spring-type design that withstands impacts and returns to an upright position.

Unlike rigid bollards or delineators, the Flexible Delineators have a larger profile and deliver a more substantial visual warning without damaging vehicles.

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