Posted July 24, 2015

Boxer Introduces X7 Brush Chipper

Though known for its compact utility loaders, Boxer has introduced its new X7 Brush Chipper. The 7-inch capacity chipper is powered by a 25 hp Kohler EFI engine for fuel economy and better cold weather starts.

Designed primarily for the rental market, the chipper is engineered to be easy to use, easy to tow and easy to maintain, explained Jason Showers, Boxer Product Manager. “The Boxer X7 has what we call ‘easy 1-2-3 operation.' It’s designed so that a person whose primary job isn’t chipping—a homeowner renting the machine or a landscape contractor, for example—can quickly and easily complete the job. Once the operator becomes familiar with the safety features and requirements of the machine, they only have to start the engine, engage the throttle to full RPM and engage the feed control bar to chip.”

boxer x7The simplified design doesn't reduce its productivity, the company said. The 32-in. diameter, 1.25-in. thick chipper disc provides greater kinetic energy to power through tough material and is up to 33 percent larger in diameter than competitive units. The reverse pivot infeed with internal drive applies 1,118 lbs. of clamp load to the material, while the 24.0 CID feed wheel motor provides more than 1,700 lb-ft of pulling force. The large, 10.63-in. diameter, 9.5-in.wide single top feed wheel with ripper teeth end caps and horizontal knife bars promote positive material feeding. The infeed design also eliminates springs and bearings, reducing maintenance and service points.

With limited moving parts, bearings and hoses, the X7 chipper offers simple maintenance for faster turnaround times and greater productivity. Other maintenance-friendly features include the hinged chipper hood for convenient access to the chipping disc and the in-tank hydraulic filter design with breather and oil indicator level to reduce leak points associated with remote mounted filters.

The X7 is compact and lightweight for towing while the machine’s wide stance promotes visibility on the road.

In addition to the four-position control bar and dual safety pull cables, the X7 is compatible with Morbark’s award-winning ChipSafe Operator Safety Shield.