Posted July 22, 2014

New 1700 Watt Compact Grinder from Metabo

Metabo's new 1700 watt compact angle grinder offers up to 50 percent more torque, up to 20 percent higher maximum power output and a much lower grip circumference to help your contractor customers be more productive. With its new motor and ventilation system, users are better able to avoid overheating the grinder. 

Metabo grinder"With our new angle grinder generation, the machine is no longer a restricting factor at work. Users can now cut and grind much more efficiently and faster because the new angle grinders require virtually no cooling-off period even when subject to heavy-duty use," exclaims Horst W. Garbrecht, CEO of Metabo.

The new angle grinders have rear vents that are less likely to be obstructed during use and a new dust protection system. The manufacturer has also completely redeveloped the engine concept to make the patent-pending motor powerful and more overload resistant, yet it is slimmer than previous models, improving its ergonomics. Paired with the company's M-Calibur (shown below) ceramic cutting and grinding wheels, users should see even better perfomance, the company says. 

Metabo now offers 22 new 900 – 1700 watt compact class models with different features and matching accessories and for wheel diameters between 100 to 150 millimeters. Maximum power output for heavy-duty cutting and grinding during continuous use has increased up to 30 percent in comparison to previous models for the rugged, high-torque angle grinders with 1250, 1550 and 1700 watts.  

Metabo ceramic wheelAll compact models are equipped with an automatic safety clutch that decouples the motor if the wheel stops unexpectedly. . The angle grinders can be optionally equipped with an ergonomic integrated paddle switch with deadman function. With its 1250 - 1700 watt models Metabo also offers a combination paddle switch and patented mechanical disc brake that stops the wheel within two seconds after switching off.

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