Posted July 22, 2014

New Construction Mats from Presto Geosystems

Presto Geosystems has a new fast-deployment construction mat that can provide temporary access roads, serve as work platforms or construction pads, and help prevent rutting and turf damage in yards.

Geosystems GEOTERRA construction padThe GEOTERRA GTO pad is made from high-density polyethylene, with high strength-to-weight ratio, but are light enough to be set in place and removed by workers without requiring heavy equipment, the company says. Sold with poly bolts, the mats can be quickly moved on site and installed, configured or reconfigured as needed based on the construction site's layout. Depending on the project, the mats can serve as an easier-to-handle alternative to heavier mats or aggregate, sold to customers when the equipment they're renting from you is heading to the job site. 

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