Posted July 21, 2015

ReachMaster Offers New Tracked Scissor Lift

ReachMaster introduced a tracked compact scissor lift, the Bibi 26-BL, to provide a productive lift option for tight work spaces, helping support safe, efficient work operations across a variety of applications. 

 bibi850 tracks

The Bibi 26-BL features a 25-ft.11-in.working height, single door/gate access and has both a 220v electric motor and a Honda gasoline engine. It has proportional controls, 550 lb. basket capacity and weighs only 4400 lbs. The lift provides a safer, more efficient, fast way to access areas that otherwise could only be reached by ladders or scaffolding, or compact lifts with need for significant space for outriggers, the company says.

Because it operates on tracks, the machine can drive on sloped and soft surfaces. With the patent-pending Bi-Leveling feature the Bibi 26-BL is able to set up and reach full height on sloped or uneven ground without the use of outriggers - something that small electric scissor lifts have historically never been able to do. The Bibilift has a bi-levelling chassis for up to 25 degree gradeability and adjustable tracks that can accommodate a 21 degree side slope. This concept has been used in other parts of the world and is now available in the North American market.

By eliminating the time and safety risk factors involved in going up and down a ladder or scaffolding, users will improve safety and increase their bottom line. The Bibi 26-BL is the tallest unit in a series of nine advanced track-based scissor lift solutions providing 13-ft. to 26-ft. working heights.