Posted June 27, 2016

Dynapac Paver Offers Application Versatility, High Capacity

Able to handle projects from cycle paths and sidewalks to parking garages and sports fields, Atlas Copco’s compact Dynapac F1200C offers contractors interchangeable working widths ranging from 4 to 10 feet, high material filling capacity and a high paving capacity of 330 tons per hour.

Dynapact F1200CThe paver’s V-screed ensures excellent paving results with superior compaction and high quality asphalt mat. Dynapac feed control system eliminates material segregation and ensures continuous, uniform material flow through the paver. Four sensors optimize both the auger and conveyor speed by measuring the material height and detecting gaps in the material.

The conveyor’s 6-inch-wide chain box  ensures continuous, uniform material flow to the center of the screed. A center line drive auger includes 13-inch diameter flights to eliminate centerline segregation. Its divided conveyor with single drive system makes it possible to guide the material to either the left or right side of the screed for asymmetrical paving. Operators can easily pave close to walls with optional reduction shoes.

Vibration or a Tamper & Vibration screed, electrically or gas heated, are available. Operators can set the screed’s required temperature using the dashboard’s keypad. The temperature control minimizes energy waste and helps the screed achieve optimal temperature.

The F1200C is less than 15 feet long and about 7 feet wide, making it easy for paving in narrow areas. At less than 7-feet tall, it can operate in areas with minimal overhead clearance, such as parking ramps.

A 5.5-ton hopper helps increase operator productivity, especially while working in cramped worksites where refilling can be a challenge. Operators can raise the hopper for tight working areas, yet still buffer a significant amount of material.

Ergonomic features to enhance operator comfort and increase productivity. Toggle switches are arranged according to function group and operational frequency, so operators can focus on paving and their surroundings. 

Large side doors give technicians easy access to components and to complete maintenance. Also, its Tier 4 Final engine features a unique layout for easy access to all components to minimize servicing downtime. 

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