Posted June 27, 2014

Atlas Copco WEDA small pump range

Atlas Copco’s WEDA electric submersible pumps – the WEDA 04 and WEDA 08 drainage pumps, the WEDA 04B residual pump and the WEDA 04S and 08S sludge/trash pumps – are the newest additions to the company’s line of pumps for professional users.

Atlas Copco pumpsThe new additions to the range are 1 hp and under, c-UL-us approved, 60Hz single-phase pumps. They come in two voltage variants, 115V and 230V, and each of them is now available in a 50Hz and a 60Hz version.

The WEDA 04 and WEDA 08 are single-phase electric submersible dewatering pumps with maximum flow rate capacities of 66 to 86 gallons per minute and maximum heads of 37 to 50 feet. Easy to move and install, they can be quickly put to work in a wide range of dewatering situations. The drainage pumps have polyurethane semi vortex impellers, designed to handle water with a very low risk of clogging.

The WEDA 04B residual pump draws water down to 1mm. With the built-in non-return valve, the pump can be moved without spilling or losing suction. A rubber-coated bottom avoids damage to tanks and pools.

Finally, the WEDA 04S and WEDA 08S sludge/trash pumps are sand and mud-resistant. Designed with a vortex cast iron impeller, particles and debris with a 1-inch diameter can go through the pump housing with minimal wear.

The WEDA pump range was designed to improve durability and simplify maintenance. The pumps feature a small, lightweight and high efficiency motor and their triple shaft seal design ensures reliability. Each model is equipped with a motor protection that automatically stops the pump in case of either overheating or overload/over-current. The pump automatically restarts after cooling down. To ensure easy service, the pumps can be disassembled by removing only three bolts.