Posted June 25, 2015

Oxford Plastics Road Plates Offer Alternative to Steel

Capable of handling a 96,000 lb vehicle, Oxford Plastics road plates are an alternative to heavier steel plates, used on highway, utility and other projects to help protect contractors, pedestrians and vehicles on the job site. The plates recently won an innovation award in the "site safety" category at a health and safety exhibition in Europe. 

oxford plastic road plateMade from composite materials, the plates are easier to maneuver than steel plates, the company says, capable of being lifted into place by two people. The plates feature an integral flexible edge made from a PVC compound, which acts as a noise dampener when vehicles drive over them, so they're much quieter than steel plates. The composite plates comply with the AASHTO (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials) HS20-44 standard.

Popular in utility projects, the company says, the plates are particularly successful in allowing the temporary re-opening of roads and driveways to help reduce traffic delays and to more readily allow job site access. As a modular system which can be locked together to create a range of sizes, the plates also offer flexibility to suit each specific situation.

The company makes a variety of products that fit landscaping, construction, work zone and event applications.